88 • 2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK As of July 31, 2018 THURSDAY, NOV 15 • 3:30PM-5:30PM CC, HALL C LAB 1 LAB 2 LAB 3 LAB 4 HL05  Demo: Engaging Students in Vocabulary Instruction With InferCabulary LLCA; Intermediate; Prof Educ Experience this “revolutionary” vocabulary instruction approach. Semantic Reasoning teaches deep word meanings by having students engage in critical thinking (top of Bloom’s Taxonomy) in the non-verbal domain, rather than asking them to rote-memorize definitions (lowest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy). Play InferCabulary as a K-12 student, select words from literature, and even create your own Semantic Reasoning lesson! AUTHOR(S): Beth Lawrence, InferCabulary; Deena Seifert, InferCabulary HL06  Demo: Use of SpeechVive as a Tool for Assessment & Intervention for People With Hypokinetic Dysarthria MSD; Intermediate; Prof Educ This lab will be setup with multiple stations to demonstrate using the SpeechVive calibration software and SpeechVive behind-the-ear device as part of an assessment and intervention for hypokinetic dysarthria associated with Parkinson’s disease as it is used in clinical practice. Participants will use the commercially available software and device while being guided through exercises in data collection and analysis. AUTHOR(S): Ashleigh Lambert, SpeechVive HL07  Hands-on: Videoconferencing Platforms & Virtual/ Augmented Reality: Trends, Opportunities & Challenges In Education TELE; Introductory; Prof Educ This hands-on lab will allow participants to participate and learn about new videoconferencing platforms as well as newer technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality. They will also be able to discover how this technology may facilitate their therapy practice. AUTHOR(S): Mekell Smith, TheraV; Eric DeGrove, Blink Session; Beata Klarowska, TheraPlatform; Kathy Trogolo, Fasility LLC HL04  Hands-on: Thinking Outside the Hearing Aid Box HT; Intermediate; Prof Educ This session is developed by, and presenters invited by, Hearing and Tinnitus Across the Lifespan. Attendees to this Hands On Lab will have the opportunity to experience first hand technology that is not considered traditional (Earlens and Oticon’s OPN). In addition, sit down and conduct a session using GNR’s remote assist program allowing you to conduct virtual programming. Be an active member of this learning opportunity and interact directly with the experts. AUTHOR(S): Drew Dundas, Earlens Corp; Virginia Ramachandran, Oticon; Katherine Pick, GN ReSound; Ken Gordon, GN ReSound FRIDAY, NOV 16 • 9:30AM-11:30AM CC, HALL C LAB 1 LAB 2 LAB 3 LAB 4 HL10  Demo: Clinically Feasible Conversation Sampling for Adults who Have Experienced Brain Injury TBI; Introductory; Prof Educ In this unique hands-on lab, you and a partner will participate in three structured tasks described in the literature for assessing social communication after brain injury, and rate your own and your partner’s performance using one of three simple pragmatic rating scales. You may choose to come with a friend or be assigned a partner upon entering the lab. AUTHOR(S): Heidi Iwashita, U of Oregon; McKay Sohlberg, U of Oregon; Jill Potratz, U of Oregon; Laurel Smith, U of Oregon; Jennifer Sabo, U of Oregon HL11  Demo: Synergistic Approach to Cognitive Rehabilitation for mTBI TBI; Intermediate; Prof Educ Patients with post-concussion syndrome after mTBI benefit from treatment that involves a concert of cognitive skills in order to mimic real world demands and maximize functional impact. This lab will demonstrate the theory and practice of a synergistic approach to cognitive therapy and three examples of treatment tasks for use in synergistic high-level cognitive intervention. AUTHOR(S): Alina Carter, Emerson Hosp; Brenda Lovette, Emerson Hosp; Carey Bellino, Emerson Hosp HL09  Hands-on: Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs): Removing the Cloak of Mystery HT; Intermediate; Prof Educ This session is developed by, and presenters invited by, Hearing and Tinnitus Across the Lifespan. Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) may represent an affordable and accessible option for some persons with hearing loss. Recent literature suggest some PSAPs may perform similar to a HA yet many clinicians have yet to explore features and capabilities of devices. This hands-on lab will offer a opportunity to discuss and manipulate PSAP products in-depth with representatives from various manufacturers. AUTHOR(S): Nicholas Reed, Johns Hopkins U HL08  Hands-on: Maximizing Connectivity With the Hearing Aids HT; Intermediate; Prof Educ This session is developed by, and presenters invited by, Hearing and Tinnitus Across the Lifespan. In this Hands On Lab - representatives from GN ReSound, Oticon, Phonak and Widex will provide opportunities to work with the various accessories available. Increase your comfort level when working with connectivity, especially when using the smart phone apps to increase patient control and thus satisfaction. AUTHOR(S): Katherine Pick, GN Resound; Ken Gordon, GN ReSound; Virginia Ramachandran, Oticon; Dana Ulakovic, Phonak; David Lisko, Widex; James Martin, Widex