224 • 2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK As of July 31, 2018 DAY/TIME/ LOCATION/ ROOM SESSION/ AREA/ CONTENT/ LEVEL/TYPE TITLE/ AUTHOR(S) ABSTRACT SA 3:00PM-3:30PM Westin, Carlton 4118 SLP SWAL Intermediate Prof Educ SLP’s Role in the Coordination of Care With HNC Patients Throughout Levels of Care Jennifer Kizner, Stanford Healthcare; Heather Starmer, Stanford Healthcare; Jeffrey Edwards, Stanford Healthcare - Otolaryngology & Head/Neck Surgery SLP’s role in the rehabilitation of patients with HNC. Goal is to equip SLPs who work in various settings with skills to increase their confidence working with this challenging population. We will utilize case studies to highlight common challenges encountered across the continuum of care and discuss strategies to facilitate communication among providers thus accomplishing optimal patient outcomes. SA 3:45PM-4:15PM Westin, Carlton 4119 SLP SWAL Intermediate Prof Educ Using a Multidisciplnary Protocol to Optimize Swallowing After Minimally Invasive Oropharyngeal Surgery Across the Continuum Keri Danziger, NYU Langone Health; Jacqueline Mojica, NYU Langone Health; Michael Persky, NYU Langone Health HPV related oropharyngeal cancer and minimally invasive surgical techniques are changing the course of patient care. Although TORS is minimally invasive, patients can experience a degree pharyngeal dysphagia. We have established a protocol coordinating care of our multidisciplinary team looking to minimize inpatient length of stay and optimize the patient’s swallowing and speech function across the continuum of care. SA 3:45PM-4:15PM Westin, Galleria Tech D 4120 GI TELE Introductory Prof Educ Supporting Family Education via Technology: Lessons for Creating Asynchronous Learning Opportunities Kristina Blaiser, Idaho St U; Jennifer Colson, NSSLHA Chapter at Idaho St U, Meridian; Elizabeth Milgate, Idaho St U Many families who live in rural areas lack access to family-based education focused on enhancing language with their child. While synchronous family education opportunities are ideal, many families cannot attend weekly sessions due to time constraints, childcare, and work obligations. This presentation will introduce clinicians to a model of asynchronous learning opportunities to support families with children with language delays. SA 4:15PM-4:45PM Westin, Galleria Tech D 4121 GI TELE Introductory Prof Educ Blockchain Technology Has the Capability to Transform Healthcare Theresa Dawson, BrainLink Lab Blockchain technology has potential to change the healthcare delivery system. Blockchain can not only solve intraoperability and traceability issues, but the ability to securely exchange critical data amongst multiple points of supply has implications for cost containment and improved patient outcomes. This innovative technology is capturing the attention of health care providers who recognize its potential for transforming the industry. SA 2:30PM-3:00PM Westin, Galleria Tech C 4122 SLP VAC Intermediate Research Phonotraumatic Injury in Fitness Instructors: Risk Factors, Diagnoses, & Treatment Methods Christine Estes, The Sean Parker Inst for the Voice at Weill Cornell Med Coll; Lucian Sulica, Parker Inst for Voice Disorders - Weill Cornell Med Coll Fitness instructors are a population at high risk for phonotraumatic injury. A combination of physiological, environmental, and psychological factors contribute to these risks. This presentation aims to summarize causes of phonotraumatic injury in fitness instructors, provide data related to the prevalence and types of injuries and their treatment outcomes, and discuss strategies for prevention and treatment of such injuries.