2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK • 57 ACADEMIC AFFAIRS AND RESEARCH EDUCATION Research Education ASHA’s 28th Annual Research Symposium ADVANCES IN NEUROPLASTICITY RESEARCH: LANGUAGE RECOVERY IN APHASIA SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17 Westin, Marina I/II/III The Research Symposium is an annual event at the ASHA Convention where clinicians and researchers discuss current research in communication sciences and disorders. Each year’s symposium has a specific research theme. The symposium is an all-day event held on Saturday. Attendance at the sessions is included with your ASHA Convention registration; no separate registration or tickets are needed. 1736 Research Symposium: Advances in Methods to Understand Brain Correlates of Impairment & Recovery in Aphasia SA 8:00AM-10:00AM AUTHOR(S): Stephen Wilson, Vanderbilt U Med Ctr; Peter Turkeltaub, Georgetown U 1791 Research Symposium: Biomarkers of Language Recovery in Chronic Aphasia SA 10:30AM – 11:30AM AUTHOR(S): Cynthia Thompson, Northwestern U 1847 Research Symposium: Neuroplasticity and Language Recovery in Aphasia SA 1:00PM – 2:00PM AUTHOR(S): Swathi Kiran, Boston U 1907 Research Symposium: Cortical Network Changes Associated with Aphasia Treatment SA 2:30PM – 3:30PM AUTHOR(S): Julius Fridriksson, U of South Carolina 1962 Research Symposium: Advances in Modeling Neural Correlates of Treatment-Related Recovery and Controversies in Aphasia Rehabilitation SA 3:45PM – 4:45PM AUTHOR(S): Stephen Wilson, Vanderbilt U Med Ctr; Peter Turkeltaub, Georgetown U; Cynthia Thompson, Northwestern U; Swathi Kiran, Boston U; Julius Fridriksson, U of South Carolina Research Symposium in Hearing This special symposium on hearing has been organized by the Hearing, Tinnitus and Vestibular Science topic committee. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16 CC, 153ABC (Lvl 1) 1320 Research Symposium in Hearing: Cognitive Audiology & Cognitive Hearing Science: A New Emerging Landscape in Speech Perception FR 8:00AM – 10:00AM AUTHOR(S): David Pisoni, Indiana U 1378 Research Symposium in Hearing: The New Neurobiology of Speech and Sound Processing FR 10:30AM – 11:30AM AUTHOR(S): Sophie Scott, U Coll London Research Roundtables FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16 11:30 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. CC, Poster Hall C, Rooms 3/4 Interested in a research career? Well-established investigators and funding agency staff facilitate discussions on topics related to starting, maintaining, and advancing research careers. Whether you’re a student thinking about a research career or a mid-career faculty member, you’ll find something of interest. Join us! (Continuing education credit is not offered for this event.) The Symposium is funded, in part, by a grant from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.