4 • 2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK ASHA’s Strategic Pathway to Excellence and Envisioned Future 2025 The Association’s Board of Directors established ASHA’s Envisioned Future 2025 as the centennial vision for the Association. ASHA’s Envisioned Future 2025 outlines the desired future state for the Association by our 100th anniversary. The Strategic Pathway to Excellence maps out the priorities that the Board of Directors established to dramatically change the way ASHA members practice and are paid for their services, how others perceive and value the services that ASHA members provide, the science underlying service delivery, and the composition of ASHA’s membership and ASHA’s partners for addressing communication and related disorders. The Association’s strategy map provides a visual representation of the efforts that are underway to achieve this revolutionary change, along with a set of operational priorities that provide the infrastructure and organizational capacity, systems, and processes needed to achieve these changes. To explore the Strategic Pathway in detail, learn more about each of the Strategic Objectives, and view the Strategic Pathway to Excellence map, please visit www.asha.org/About/Strategic-Pathway/. Read ASHA’s Envisioned Future in full at www.asha.org/About/ASHAs-Envisioned-Future/. #1 Expand data available for quality improvement and demonstration of value OUTCOME: ASHA has advanced large-scale databases and outcomes measurement efforts to enable practice improvements, demonstrate value to external parties, and inform client choice. #2 Advance Interprofessional Education and Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPE/IPP) OUTCOME: Academic programs employ IPE approaches to personnel preparation and both students and ASHA members engage in interprofessional collaborative practice. #3 Enhance the generation, publication, knowledge translation, and implementation of clinical research OUTCOME: ASHA has enhanced the generation, publication, knowledge translation, and implementation of clinical research. #4 Enhance service delivery across the continuum of care to increase value and access to services OUTCOME: Enhanced service delivery across the continuum of care to increase value and access to services. #5 Increase influence and demonstrated value of audiology and speech-language pathology services OUTCOME: ASHA members play an active role in reimbursement processes, effectively demonstrating the value of their services, and empowering and educating patients and clients to understand access and reimbursement. #6 Increase the diversity of the membership OUTCOME: ASHA has a diverse membership. #7 Enhance International Engagement OUTCOME: ASHA is engaged internationally with service providers, educators, scientists and other groups to proliferate research, and improve professional preparation and service delivery. #8 Increase members’ cultural competence OUTCOME: ASHA members competently address cultural/linguistic influences on service delivery outcomes. Strategic Objectives