2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK • 59 NSSLHA Students: Experience the ASHA Convention with NSSLHA! Take us along as you experience every aspect of the ASHA Convention! Whether you plan stop by the NSSLHA Lounge to snap a selfie, grab a fun ribbon for your badge, or learn about professional topics; or if a par-tay with your #aud2b and #slp2b peeps is on your must-do list, we want to be part of your Convention experience! Check out the details . . . NSSLHA Lounge CC, Poster Hall C Stop by the NSSLHA Lounge to say “Hi!”, hear about professional topics, meet National NSSLHA leaders, and make new friends! While there, nab one of our free giveaways and student-related ribbons, enter to win a daily prize drawing, and snap a pic in our selfie station. And, of course, NSSLHA staff will be on hand to answer any questions about the NSSLHA organization and related activities at the ASHA Convention. NSSLHA Par-Tay! THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15 7:30 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. Seaport Hotel, Seaport Ballroom Nah...no bougie party here. Instead, we’re gonna par-tay like only #aud2b and #slp2b peeps can! Nosh on some tasty treats and hang with other CSD students who can share insights and, well, commiserate, on our rigorous schedules! And, ‘cause we love you, the price is FREE! Can you say par-tay?!? CONNECT WITH NSSLHA ON SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: @national_nsslha Facebook: Facebook.com/nsslha Twitter: @NSSLHA JOIN OUR CONVERSATION BY USING THESE HASHTAGS! • #NSSLHAinBoston • #NSSLHA • #SuccessStartsHere • #aud2b • #slp2b NSSLHA is the only national student organization for pre-professionals studying CSD recognized by ASHA. With unparalleled leadership opportunities, NSSLHA is an organization managed by YOU, our student members. Success starts here; giving you the tools to navigate your academic career while preparing you for your professional one. To learn more about NSSLHA, visit www.nsslha.org or stop by the NSSLHA Lounge in Poster Hall C to speak with NSSLHA student representatives and National Office staff.