72 • 2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK ASHA’s disclosure requirements are designed to promote transparency in the design, development, and presentation of courses offered for ASHA CEUs, resulting in Convention attendees’ having a more complete context in which to evaluate presenters’ information. All presenters must disclose all relevant financial and nonfinancial relationships— or lack thereof—to attendees in each session that they present as the relationships relate to their presentation content. Presenters of Oral Sessions should begin the presentation with a slide and verbal statement indicating their adherence to the policy and disclosing any relevant financial and nonfinancial relationships or lack thereof. Poster presenters should include within the visual presentation a written statement indicating their adherence to the policy and disclosing any relevant financial and nonfinancial relationships or lack thereof. If the session focuses on one product, device, or service, the presenter(s) must disclose whether information about similar products or services will be limited or not presented. The disclosure requirement aligns ASHA with current practices in other professions— particularly, continuing medical education. The ASHA Continuing Education Board’s Requirement 3 (transparency in course planning and delivery) for presenters indicates that session content and presen- tations must focus on the science and/or contemporary practice of audiology, speech-language pathology, and speech, language, and hearing sciences, not on the sale or promotion of products or services. Consequently, presenters should not attempt to persuade learners to favor, use, promote, or purchase a particular product, piece of equipment, device, or service. If a session focuses on teaching the theoretical aspects of a product or service and/or the details of a product’s operation, presenters cannot sell or promote that product or service during the session. Likewise, if presenters use products, equipment, or devices in conducting a session, they cannot engage in marketing, promoting, or selling during the session or in the space/place where the session is held. If presenters offer a session focused on one product or service, they should disclose to the audience, before the session begins, that they will present limited or no information about similar products or services. Some sessions may focus on one specific approach, product or product line, tool, technique, service, or model, and there may be limited or no information provided about other similar approaches, products or product lines, tools, techniques, services, or models. Authors of such sessions have indicated this as part of their presenter disclosure statements, all of which are viewable through the online Program Planner, as noted above. These sessions are fully accepted presentations of the 2018 ASHA Convention and offer full CE credit, as determined by the session format, to both the attendees and the presenting authors. To report a presenter disclosure issue, visit one of the Information Booths and ask for a comment form. Presenter Disclosure Statements All Convention presenters, including those displaying posters, must—at the beginning of the session or presentation—make a disclosure statement. ASHA’s disclosure requirements are designed to promote transparency RECORDING POLICY REMINDER Whether for personal or commercial use, the following recording types are strictly prohibited during all ASHA Convention education sessions: • Audio, video, and digital recordings • Live streaming or broadcasting • Photography The only exception is if consent from the presenter was granted or obtained prior to the start of the session. Unless the presenter explicitly states that you may record the session at the start of the presentation, assume that recording is not permitted. Any individual who does not comply with this policy will be asked to leave the session or event and to surrender his/ her film or recording media. Under no circumstances may presentations be rebroadcast.