192 • 2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK As of July 31, 2018 CRANIOFACIAL AND VELOPHARYNGEAL DISORDERS (SLP) 1888  Treatment of Speech Disorders Associated With Cleft Palate SA 2:30PM-3:30PM / CC, 151AB (Lvl 1) Intermediate; Prof Educ AUTHOR(S): Mary O’Gara, Shriners Hosp for Children; Sarah Richards, Shriners Hosp for Children This session is developed by, and presenters invited by, Craniofacial and Velopharyngeal Disorders. This seminar discusses the principles underlying treatment planning for children with speech errors related to cleft palate. This seminar will provide case presentations of children who present with articulation and resonance disorders, demonstrating how key principles remain constant across cases. The goal will be to provide attendees with an understanding of how to apply these therapy principles to their caseload. CULTURAL AND LINGUISTIC DIVERSITY (GI) 1889  Bilingual - Bimodal Service Delivery: Treating Communication Disorders in American Sign Language SA 2:30PM-3:30PM / CC, 157ABC (Lvl 1) Intermediate; Prof Educ AUTHOR(S): Kristen Maul, Gallaudet U; Laura Curtin, Gallaudet U; Shelby Hill, Gallaudet U; John Schofield, Gallaudet U This presentation explores bilingual service delivery in American Sign Language to individuals who are Deaf, use ASL and have acquired or developmental communication disorders. We discuss the communication continuum in bilingual and bimodal individuals. We describe best practice treatment for communication disorders in people who use ASL, with case studies of sign aphasia and hemiparesis affecting sign communication. 1890  Ethics in Speech-Language Pathology: Service Provision for Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Individuals SA 2:30PM-3:30PM / CC, 156AB (Lvl 1) Intermediate; Research AUTHOR(S): Erica Veach, Portland St U; Jennifer Dalton, Appalachian St U; Louise Keegan, Moravian Coll The provision of evidence-based services to culturally and linguistically diverse individuals has been called into question. Through interactive methods, attendees will gain knowledge of the disparity between how services should be provided and how they often are provided, as well as new research that describes perceptions of the ethics of service provision to CLD individuals. 1891  StimuLER: A Dual-language Program to Support Language Development Among Young Refugee Children SA 2:30PM-3:30PM / Westin, Harbor Ballroom I Intermediate; Prof Educ AUTHOR(S): Andrea MacLeod, U of Montreal; Diane Pesco, Concordia U; Sabah Meziane, U of Montreal The aim of the presentation is to introduce “StimuLER”, an innovative, dual-language program spearheaded by speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in Canada to support the language development of refugee children. Given the arrival of refugees to the U.S. and Canada in recent years, services for refugee children and families are a timely issue. FLUENCY (SLP) 1892  Attempts to Bridge the Divide Between Stuttering Therapy, Self-Help, & Science: A Panel Discussion SA 2:30PM-3:30PM / CC, 153ABC (Lvl 1) Intermediate; Prof Educ AUTHOR(S): Caryn Herring, Michigan St U; Seth Tichenor, Michigan St U; Michael Boyle, Montclair St U; Christopher Constantino, Florida St U; Naomi Rodgers, U of Iowa; Eric Jackson, New York U; Scott Palasik, U of Akron With the growing popularity of self-help, and negative experiences in speech therapy, some people who stutter have distanced themselves from SLPs and therapy. This panel presentation will discuss the divide between formal therapy and self-help. Panelists will share their unique perspectives as people who stutter, SLPs, and researchers. Experiences will inform a nuanced perspective on therapy, self-help, and professional allyship. GLOBAL ISSUES AND PRACTICES (GI) 1893  Structuring Service Abroad: Lessons Learned From Heiskell & Simon Award Winners SA 2:30PM-3:30PM / CC, 102AB (Lvl 1) Introductory; Prof Educ AUTHOR(S): Colleen Visconti, Baldwin Wallace U; Chisomo Selemani, Baldwin Wallace U; Christie Needham, Baldwin Wallace U; Amy Larocca, Baldwin Wallace U BW in Zambia has received the 2018 IIE Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education and Senator Paul Simon Award for Study Abroad. This presentation will highlight evidence-based components to consider when structuring a service-oriented study abroad program at your institution, including how’s and why’s, sustainability, intentional community partnerships, bidirectional relationships, reflection/debriefing and many other topics. HEALTH LITERACY AND COMMUNICATION (GI) 1894  Communication Between Audiologist, Patient & Their Family Members During Initial Audiology Consultation Sessions SA 2:30PM-3:30PM / Westin, Burroughs Introductory; Prof Educ AUTHOR(S): Vinaya Manchaiah, Lamar U; Monica Bellon-Harn, Lamar U; Ashley Dockens, Lamar U; Jamie Azios, Lamar U Communication during clinical consultations is an important factor that facilitates decision making by patients and family members. For clinicians, these interactions are opportunities to build rapport and facilitate appropriate decision making. This presentation will include descriptions of literature on communication between audiologists, patients, and their family members during initial audiology consultation. Speakers will detail effective communication patterns and clinical implication. Withdrawn