HANDS-ON/DEMO LABS 2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK • 87 Hands-on/Demo Labs TOPIC ABBREVIATION KEY ABBR TOPIC AREA CONTENT AREA ACE Academic and Clinical Education General Interest AAC Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Speech-Language Pathology FLU Fluency Speech-Language Pathology HT Hearing and Tinnitus Across the Lifespan Audiology DHH Hearing, Language, and Speech in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Birth to School Transition: Diagnostics to Management General Interest LLCA Language and Learning in School-Age Individuals Speech-Language Pathology LDA Language Disorders in Adults Speech-Language Pathology MSD Motor Speech Disorders Across the Lifespan Speech-Language Pathology SWAL Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders Speech-Language Pathology TELE Telepractice and Technology General Interest TBI Traumatic Brain Injury General Interest VEST Vestibular/Balance Issues Across the Lifespan Audiology VAC Voice and Alaryngeal Communication Speech-Language Pathology THURSDAY, NOV 15 • 10:15AM-12:15PM CC, HALL C LAB 1 LAB 2 LAB 3 HL01 Demo: Effective Clinical Education: Evidence, Experience & Practice ACE; Intermediate; Prof Educ Four clinical educators with collective experience of 75+ years will provide evidence based, practical strategies that are effective in clinical education. Areas covered will include learning various methods for teaching ethical professional behavior, learning to use feedback to increase critical thinking skills, learning to employ strategies to increase graduate clinician- client alliance, and developing techniques to enhance training for struggling students. AUTHOR(S): Ann Fennell, U of Iowa; Alison Lemke, U of Iowa; Anu Subramanian, U of Iowa; Anne Wallace, U of Iowa HL03  Demo: Aerodynamic Assessment of Voice: How To Do It & What Does It Mean? VAC; Intermediate; Prof Educ Aerodynamic data can be a powerful adjunct to a comprehensive voice assessment protocol. Dr. Solomon learned the theories and techniques pertaining to laryngeal airway resistance and phonation threshold pressure from the masters and is eager to share her wisdom with you. She will work with you regardless of your experience level so that you can ascertain valid and meaningful information. AUTHOR(S): Nancy Solomon, Walter Reed Nat’l Military Med Ct HL02  Demo: Decision Making in Pediatric Videofluoroscopic Swallow Studies: An Interactive Learning Experience SWAL; Introductory; Prof Educ This hands-on video lab will walk a clinician through the logistics of performing a pediatric videofluoroscopic swallow study. Each station will highlight a specific patient population (e.g., prematurity, airway anomalies, neurologically-based dysphagia) while reviewing anatomy and physiology, positioning, and appropriate interventions. Attendees will view images and have the opportunity to discuss interpretation and case management with presenters. AUTHOR(S): Kathryn Davidson, Boston Children’s Hosp; Katherine Engstler, Boston Children’s Hosp; Kayla Hernandez, Boston Children’s Hosp; Kara Fletcher Larson, Boston Children’s Hosp Hands-on/Demo Labs focus on tools and services that offer a revolutionary or evolutionary “how-to” approach to gathering information or addressing challenges in the professions. Attendees will engage in learning through hands-on instruction or an interactive demonstration. Unlike Oral Seminars, Hands-on/Demo Labs do not have a standard head table and screen, though there may be a brief traditional presentation. The presenter(s) at each station are experts on the product, service or procedure being shown and can knowledgeably answer questions. Attendees are encouraged to interact with the station presenter(s) and ask questions about the demonstration. All Hands-on/ Demo Labs have a Professional Education focus (versus Research). They are scheduled in 2-hour blocks, during which attendees may stop by at any time during the scheduled time. Each Hands-on/Demo Lab counts for 30 minutes of PDHs and up to four labs may be viewed during the 2-hour time block.