262 • 2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK As of July 31, 2018 DAY/TIME SESSION/ BOARD # AREA/ TOPIC TITLE LEVEL/ TYPE AUTHOR(S) TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7138 Board 451 SLP LLCA Effects of Verbal/Written Directives on Listening/Reading Comprehension: High School Students With Down Syndrome Introductory Prof Educ Debra Forman, Rocky Mountain U of Health Professions; Kenneth Simpson, Rocky Mountain U of Health Professions; Jane Wegner, U of Kansas TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7139 Board 452 SLP LLCA Examining the Connection Between Movement & Language: Building a Kinesthetic Classroom in Elementary School Intermediate Research Michelle Flippin, U of Rhode Island; Emily Clapham, U of Rhode Island; Michael Tutwiler, U of Rhode Island; Cassidy Cabral, U of Rhode Island; Kara Penney, U of Rhode Island TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7140 Board 453 SLP LLCA Lexical & Sublexical Orthographic Knowledge Across the Elementary Grades Intermediate Research Kenn Apel, U of South Carolina; Victoria Henbest, U of South Carolina; June Maranville, Palmetto Language & Speech Ctr TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7142 Board 455 SLP LLCA The Speech & Language Skills, Needs, & Services for Children Who Homeschool: A National Survey Introductory Research Shelby Hinrichs, U of Nebraska at Kearney; Whitney Schneider-Cline, U of Nebraska at Kearney TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7143 Board 456 SLP LDA Collaborative Goals for Individuals with Acquired Brain Injury: Improving Patient Satisfaction through Written Goal Protocol Introductory Prof Educ Teresa Lynch, Rusk Rehab/NYU Langone Health; Karen Gendal, Rusk Rehab/NYU Langone Health TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7144 Board 457 SLP LDA Communication Partner Training of Healthcare Professionals: Impact in an Acute Care Hospital Intermediate Research Joanne LeBlanc, McGill U; Alena Seresova, McGill U; Noémie Auclair-Ouellet, McGill U; Valentine Weber, McGill U; Andréanne Laberge-Poirier, McGill U TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7145 Board 458 SLP LDA Communicative Strategies: Usage & Factors Among People with Severe Aphasia & Their Care Partners Intermediate Research Hsinhuei Sheen Chiou, Minnesota St U; Elayna Howton, Minnesota St U; Jordyn Shanks, Minnesota St U TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7146 Board 459 SLP LDA Development of the Name That! Emotions Therapy Tool for Persons With RHD Intermediate Prof Educ Morgan Krischel, U of Northern Iowa; Chandani Morar, U of Northern Iowa; Jennifer Roberts, U of Northern Iowa; Angela Burda, U of Northern Iowa TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7147 Board 460 SLP LDA Evidence of Behavior Changes in Certified Nursing Assistants After Facilitative Coaching Intervention Introductory Research Amanda Troyna, Central Michigan U; Natalie Douglas, Central Michigan U TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7148 Board 461 SLP LDA Modified Motor Learning Guided Treatment (mMLG) via Telepractice for an Adult With Aphasia/AOS Intermediate Research Alison Baade, Emerson Coll; Joanne Lasker, Emerson Coll TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7149 Board 462 SLP LDA PhotoVoice in Aphasia: A Scoping Review With Implications for Research & Clinical Practice Introductory Research Katrina Bakas, U of Cincinnati; Aimee Dietz, U of Cincinnati; Chitrali Mamlekar, U of Cincinnati; Shelby Spitz, U of Cincinnati; Dana Harley, U of Cincinnati; Michael McCarthy, U of Cincinnati; Tamilyn Bakas, U of Cincinnati TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7150 Board 463 SLP LDA Systematic Reviews of Word Retrieval Treatments in Aphasia: Quality Appraisal & Findings Intermediate Research Jennifer Lehnen, Old Dominion U; Aileen Lott, Old Dominion U; Jessica Prebor, Old Dominion U; Victoria Byrd, Carolina Therapy Svcs; Anastasia Raymer, Old Dominion U TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7151 Board 464 SLP LDA Take Back the Wheel: A Case Study on Integrated Intervention for Severe Aphasia Intermediate Research Kevin Cunningham, U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Katarina Haley, U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7152 Board 465 SLP LDA The Feasibility of Script Based Audio-Visual Speech Entrainment for the Treatment of Nonfluent Aphasia Intermediate Research Jeanna Ritter, Idaho St U; Victoria Scharp, Idaho St U; Wendy Morgan, Idaho St U TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7153 Board 466 SLP LDA The Relationship Between Reading & Phonological Skill in Adults With a Range of Reading Abilities Introductory Research Laura Vacek, U of Colorado Boulder; Christine Brennan, U of Colorado Boulder TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7154 Board 467 SLP LDA The Relationship Between Verbal Fluency & Connected Language in Probable Alzheimer’s Disease Introductory Research Stacy Kenney, U of New Hampshire; Amy Ramage, U of New Hampshire TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7155 Board 468 SLP LITP A Case Report of Vocabulary Growth in a Bilingual Child with Delayed Communication Introductory Prof Educ David Woods, Idaho St U; Jerilyn Garrett-Gudmundson, Idaho St U TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7156 Board 469 SLP LITP Early Emerging Two-Word Combinations in Tamil Speaking Children Age Between 12- 24 Months in Kandy Introductory Research Fathima Farzana, U of Kelaniya TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7157 Board 470 SLP LITP Grammatical Abilities in English in Young Spanish-English Dual Language Learners Intermediate Research Joanna Hokenson, Teachers Coll, Columbia U; Carol Scheffner Hammer, Teachers Coll, Columbia U; Sherry He, Teachers Coll, Columbia U; Sabrina Alvarez, Teachers Coll, Columbia U; Patricia Reyes, Teachers Coll, Columbia U; Bryn Rothschild- Shea, Teachers Coll, Columbia U; Jane Choi, Teachers Coll, Columbia U TH 1:30PM-3:00PM 7158 Board 471 SLP LITP Language, Personal Pronouns & Social Understanding in Two- To Three-Year-Olds Acquiring Czech Advanced Research Anna Chroma, Charles U, Faculty of Arts; Filip Smolik, Inst of Psychology, Czech Academy of Sciences