44 • 2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK Ribbons CC, Hall A (ASHA Member Services Center) Ribbons will be labeled so attendees can easily find what they are looking for, or they may ask ASHA staff for assistance. Stop by the Member Services Center to pick up some ribbons and show off your ASHA flair! Session Changes and Cancellations Both Oral Sessions and Poster Presentations are subject to change due to cancellations or presenter changes. Please refer to the session information listed in the online Program Planner tool, as it is always up to date. Presenters who must cancel a session should send written notification to papers@asha.org as soon as possible. Daily Update program addenda that list session changes, updates, and cancellations will be available each morning at ASHA Information Booths or accessible through the Convention mobile app and will also be posted online at https://convention.asha.org/Schedule-and-Program/ each morning. Last-minute updates and changes will also be tweeted from the official ASHA Convention Twitter account, @ASHA_events. Session Room Behavior and Attendee Etiquette Extensive planning goes into scheduling sessions in appropri- ately sized rooms; however, the popularity of sessions is not always predictable, and overcrowding occasionally occurs. If a session room reaches capacity, attendees must follow the instructions provided by ASHA staff, Convention Center Security and staff, or student volunteers. Attendees may be instructed not to stand against the walls or block the aisles or doors, or they may be denied entry if the room is too crowded. ASHA is obligated to abide by the guidelines established by the Fire Marshal in Boston. If a room reaches full capacity and we do not have your cooperation, the Fire Marshal has the authority to delay or even terminate the session until any problem has been satisfactorily corrected. Please be courteous and respectful to staff and student volunteers when you are directed elsewhere. See information about overflow rooms on page 70 and the Code of Conduct on page 36. Attendees are asked to be respectful of their fellow attendees and to be mindful of creating potential disruptions during sessions, such as the eating of food, the use of phones or other mobile devices, or the presence of infants and children. Phones and other mobile devices should always be silenced. Attendees should not be photographing presentation slides unless explicit permission has been granted by the presenter(s); please respect the Recording Policy. Partnering with families to support early learning and healthy development Visit us at the Career Fair, booth 876 and meet one of our speech-language pathologists. Massachusetts’ largest provider of early intervention services, Thom programs are based in the following locations: Boston, Lowell, Marlboro, Norwood, Springfield, Waltham, West Newbury/Haverhill, Westfield, Woburn and Worcester. www.thomchild.org We are hiring! CF’s are welcome! Thom’s generous benefits package includes: Flexible schedules Generous vacation, holiday and personal time Medical and dental plans Retirement plan (403b) with employer contributions Mention this ad to be entered into a raffle!