2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK • 271 POSTER/EPOSTER SESSIONS • THURSDAY DAY/TIME SESSION/ BOARD # AREA/ TOPIC TITLE LEVEL/ TYPE AUTHOR(S) TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7274 Board 587 SLP MSD Outcome of SPEAK OUT!® for Adults With Parkinson’s Disease Intermediate Research Alison Behrman, Lehman Coll, C. U. N. Y.; Jennifer Cody, Parkinson Voice Project; Christen Madsen II, City U of New York TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7275 Board 588 SLP SLS Application of Generalizability Theory to Language Sampling Research Intermediate Research Alexandra Hollo, West Virginia U; Jason Chow, Virginia Commonwealth U TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7276 Board 589 SLP SLS Episodic Memory Enhanced by Emotional Nuance in Written Language Intermediate Research Yoon Ji Kim, New York U; Diana Van Lancker Sidtis, New York U; John Sidtis, Nathan Kline Inst TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7277 Board 590 SLP SLS How Does Language Training Impact Cognitive Performance in Adults? Intermediate Research Henrietta Boudros, Central Michigan U TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7278 Board 591 SLP SLS Perceptual Restoration in Children as a Function of Interruption Rate, Syllabic Length & Lexical-Neighborhood Density Intermediate Research Beula Magimairaj, U of Central Arkansas; Naveen Nagaraj, U of Arkansas for Med Sciences/U of Arkansas at Little Rock; Jessica Gray, NSSLHA TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7279 Board 592 SLP SLS Pupillometric Measures of Sustained Attention Allocation during Short-Term Memory Retention Intermediate Research Mohammad Haghighi, Ohio U; Brooke Hallowell, Springfield College TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7280 Board 593 SLP SLS Theory of Mind Reasoning in Emerging Adulthood Introductory Research Bridget Coologhan, Ohio U; Joann Benigno, Ohio U; Bridget Wright, Ohio U TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7281 Board 594 SLP SSDC A Retrospective Analysis of Biofeedback Intervention Outcomes for Children with Persistent /r/ Errors Introductory Prof Educ Roberta Lazarus, Montclair St U; Meghan Leach, Montclair St U TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7282 Board 595 SLP SSDC Current Clinical Practices for Treating Late- Acquired Sounds, such as /r/: Results of a National Survey Introductory Research Breanna Krueger, U of Wyoming; Makayla Meeks, U of Wyoming TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7283 Board 596 SLP SSDC Early Phonological Systemization in Children With Williams Syndrome: A Longitudinal Study Introductory Research Claudia Garber, U of Vermont; Shelley Velleman, U of Vermont; Carolyn Mervis, U of Louisville TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7284 Board 597 SLP SSDC Screening Measures for Speech Sound Disorders: A Bit of Everything or a Lot of Something Introductory Research Elaina Eskins, Bowling Green St U; Grace Portentoso, Bowling Green St U; Tim Brackenbury, Bowling Green St U TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7285 Board 598 SLP SWAL Can Machine Ratings of Hyoid Bone Displacement During Swallowing Predict Penetration & Aspiration? Intermediate Research Cara Donohue, U of Pittsburgh; Zhenwei Zhang, U of Pittsburgh; Amanda Mahoney, U of Pittsburgh; Subashan Perera, U of Pittsburgh; Ervin Sejdic, U of Pittsburgh; James Coyle, U of Pittsburgh TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7286 Board 599 SLP SWAL Collaborative Feeding Program in a Developmental Preschool Setting Intermediate Prof Educ Candace Cook, U of Alabama; April Crooks, U of Alabama; Memorie Gosa, U of Alabama; Mary Bryan, U of Alabama TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7287 Board 600 SLP SWAL Comparison of Tongue Muscle Performance in Singers & Non-singers Intermediate Research Alexus Cossell, Wichita St U; Heidi VanRavenhorst-Bell, Wichita St U; Brianna Caldwell, Wichita St U; Ryan Amick, Wichita St U TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7288 Board 601 SLP SWAL Dysphagia Following Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS): A Retrospective Analysis of Instrumental Swallowing Assessments Intermediate Research Jessica Silinonte, Greater Baltimore Med Ctr; Barbara Messing, Greater Baltimore Med Ctr; Melissa Kim, Greater Baltimore Med Ctr; Jordan Differding, Greater Baltimore Med Ctr; Keri Ryniak, Greater Baltimore Med Ctr; Hussein Pothiwalla, Greater Baltimore Med Ctr TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7289 Board 602 SLP SWAL How Do SLP Graduate Students Critically Review Online Resources for Dysphagia Management? Introductory Research R. Jordan Hazelwood, Appalachian St U; Lindsay Austin, Appalachian St U; Heather Miller, Appalachian St U TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7290 Board 603 SLP SWAL Improving Patient’s Awareness in Dysphagia Pre & Post SLP Education Introductory Research Sonia Hon, Rusk Rehab/NYU Langone Health; Christina Farina, Rusk Rehab/NYU Langone Health; Stamatela Balou, Rusk Rehab/NYU Langone Health TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7291 Board 604 SLP SWAL Lingual ROM, Lingual Strength, & Jaw ROM Across the Age Range in Healthy Individuals Intermediate Research Elizabeth Oommen, Calvin Coll; Megan Cuellar, U of Tennessee Health Science Ctr; Alyssa Scholten, Calvin Coll; Mallika David, Calvin Coll NSSHLA; Bethany Rylander, Calvin Coll TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7292 Board 605 SLP SWAL Measuring the Measures of Dysphagia in Adults Intermediate Prof Educ Jaclyn Rance, NYU Rusk Rehab; Liat Rabinowitz, NYU Rusk Rehab TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7293 Board 606 SLP SWAL Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing Disorders: The Caregiver Perspective Introductory Research Andrea Seagren, Utah St U; Stephanie Knollhoff, Utah St U; Sage Rowley, Utah St U TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7294 Board 607 SLP SWAL Posterior Tongue-Tie & Feeding Behavior: Comparison to Norms Introductory Research McKenzie Sexton, NSSLHA U of Louisville Chapter; Teresa Pitts, U of Louisville; Rhonda Mattingly, U of Louisville TH 3:00PM-4:30PM 7295 Board 608 SLP SWAL Reliability of Measuring Geniohyoid Cross- Sectional Area With B-mode Ultrasound Intermediate Research Barbara Pauloski, U of Wisconsin - Milwaukee; Kacey Yahnke, U of Wisconsin - Milwaukee