322 • 2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK As of July 31, 2018 DAY/TIME SESSION/ BOARD # AREA/ TOPIC TITLE LEVEL/ TYPE AUTHOR(S) SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7951 Board 365 SLP MSD An Overview of Visual Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease & Therapeutic Accommodations Introductory Prof Educ Leslie Jacob, Parkinson Voice Project; Jennifer Cody, Parkinson Voice Project SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7952 Board 366 SLP MSD Effect of Clear Speech Treatment Program on Speech Intelligibility in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Intermediate Research Hee Baek Shin, Hallym U; Hee-Jeong Shim, Hallym U; Rajinder Koul, U of Texas at Austin; Hun Jung, Gumi U; Do-Heung Ko, Hallym U SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7953 Board 367 SLP MSD Investigation of Speech Motor Sequence Learning & Chunking: An Application to Parkinson Disease Introductory Research Anna Gravelin, Bowling Green St U; Megan Vine, Bowling Green St U; Larisa Kalinowski, Bowling Green St U; Jason Whitfield, Bowling Green St U SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7954 Board 368 SLP MSD Speaking Dyspnea in Parkinson Disease: Common or Not? Intermediate Research Valerie Brown, U of Arizona; Hallie Nitido, U of Arizona; Robert Lansing, U of Arizona; Jeannette Hoit, U of Arizona SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7955 Board 369 SLP MSD Systematic Manipulation of External Biofeedback to Remediate Persistent Lisping Using EPG Introductory Prof Educ Alana Mantie-Kozlowski, MSU; Sarah Lockenvitz, Missouri St U SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7956 Board 370 SLP MSD Temporal Differences: Highly Intelligible Speakers With MS & Neurologically-Intact Speakers During Submaximal & DDK Tasks Intermediate Research Deborah Matheron, SUNY Cortland SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7957 Board 371 SLP SLS Descriptive Analysis of American English Schwa Distribution in the Quadrilateral Vowel Space Advanced Research Christina Kuo, James Madison U SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7958 Board 372 SLP SLS Neurophysiological Correlates of English Vowel /I/ and /E/ in Monolingual & Bilingual Children Intermediate Research Nancy Vidal, Iona Coll SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7959 Board 373 SLP SLS Predictors of Learning Success in Ultrasound Biofeedback Training Introductory Research Joanne Jingwen Li, New York U; Samantha Ayala, New York U; Douglas Shiller, U of Montreal; Tara McAllister, New York U SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7960 Board 374 SLP SLS Tongue Part Movement Trajectories for /r/ Using Ultrasound Intermediate Research Caroline Spencer, U of Cincinnati; Sarah Hamilton Dugan, U of Cincinnati; Jack Masterson, U of Cincinnati; Neeraja Mahalingam, U of Cincinnati; Michael A. Riley, U of Cincinnati; Suzanne Boyce, U of Cincinnati; T. Douglas Mast, U of Cincinnati SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7961 Board 375 SLP SLS Use of Electropalatography (EPG) To Improve Speech Sound Production in Deaf Adults With Cochlear Implants Intermediate Research Nancy McGarr, Molloy Coll; Diane Saulle, Molloy Coll; Rebekah Buccheri, Molloy Coll; Kaitlyn Kilpatrick, Molloy Coll; Ruba Lugo, Molloy Coll; Olivia Carbonette, Molloy Coll SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7962 Board 376 SLP SSDC Does Auditory Perception Training Enhance Biofeedback Treatment Outcomes for Residual /r/ Errors? An RCT Intermediate Research Megan Leece, Syracuse U; Elaine Hitchcock, Montclair St U; Jonathan Preston, Syracuse U SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7963 Board 377 SLP SSDC Exploring Dose Frequency for Articulation Therapy in the Outpatient Setting Introductory Prof Educ Jennifer Maietta, Massachusetts General Hosp SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7964 Board 378 SLP SSDC Let’s Stop the One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Vowel Errors Intermediate Prof Educ Samantha Mason, Chicago Pediatric Therapy Grp; Rachel Baldwin, Chicago Pediatric Therapy Grp; Kathleen Holman, Chicago Pediatric Therapy Grp SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7965 Board 379 SLP SSDC Segmental but not Articulatory Performance Differentiates Children With Speech & Language Disorders in Nonword Repetition Intermediate Research Janet Vuolo, The Ohio St U; Lisa Goffman, Callier Ctr at UTD SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7966 Board 380 SLP SSDC Stimulability in Production of Consonant Clusters: Comparing Preschoolers With ASD, Language Impairment & Articulation Impairment Intermediate Research Kelly Vess, Grosse Pointe Pub Sch System; Maisoun Abou- Arabi, Eastern Michigan U SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7967 Board 381 SLP SWAL An Exploratory Survey of Practice Patterns Among US-Based Speech-Language Pathologists Managing Dysphagia in Dementia Introductory Research Rinki Varindani Desai, HealthPRO-Heritage; Ashwini Namasivayam-MacDonald, Adelphi U SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7968 Board 382 SLP SWAL Caregiver Effects on Pediatric Feeding Therapy: A Systematic Review Introductory Research Elaine Tierney, Northwestern U SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7969 Board 383 SLP SWAL Cue Based Feeding Protocol: Development & Implementation into the NICU Setting Intermediate Research Jacqueline Davis, U of Arkansas for Med Sciences; Carol Anne Camp, U of Arkansas for Med Sciences; Julie Charles, U of Arkansas for Med Sciences SA 8:30AM-10:00AM 7970 Board 384 SLP SWAL Dining Fact Sheet: Know the Facts /Dine With Dignity Intermediate Prof Educ Kathleen Lewis, Ctr for Disabilty Svcs; Joyce Gergich, Ctr for Disabilty Svcs