2018 ASHA CONVENTION PROGRAM BOOK • 233 TECHNICAL RESEARCH SESSIONS • FRIDAY DAY/TIME/ LOCATION/ ROOM SESSION/ AREA/ CONTENT/ LEVEL/TYPE TITLE/ AUTHOR(S) ABSTRACT FR 1:30PM-2:00PM Westin, Galleria Tech A 4573 SLP ASD Intermediate Research Vocalization Changes in Children With Autism Receiving Early Intervention David Trembath, Menzies Health Inst Queensland, Griffith U; Marleen Westerveld, Griffith Inst for Educ Research, Griffith U; Srinivas Teppala, Menzies Health Inst Queensland, Griffith U; Abirami Thirumanickam, Menzies Health Inst Queensland, Griffith U; Rhylee Sulek, Menzies Health Inst Queensland, Griffith U; Veronica Rose, Menzies Health Inst Queensland, Griffith U; Jessica Paynter, Menzies Health Inst Queensland, Griffith U; Madonna Tucker, AEIOU Fdn; Orit Hetzroni, U of Haifa; Deb Keen, Autism Ctr of Excellence, Griffith U; Giacomo Vivanti, AJ Drexel Autism Inst, Drexel U We examined LENA as a measure of communication change in 23 children with autism receiving intervention. Using hierarchical models, we found no association with vocalization counts and time. However, a significant pattern of fluctuation over 10 months was observed in ratio of vocalizations to non-speech sounds. Ratio measures also correlated with standardized assessments, suggesting they may be a useful measure. FR 4:15PM-4:45PM Westin, Galleria Tech F 4574 GI BPM Intermediate Research Characteristics of Speech-Language Pathologists Participating in Medicare Part B Xinliang Liu, U of Central Florida; Linda Rosa-Lugo, U of Central Florida; Debra Knox, U of Central Florida This session describes the characteristics of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) serving fee-for-service (FFS) beneficiaries in Medicare Part B. Using the Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data and the Area Health Resource File, SLPs who billed Medicare Part B in 2015 are identified and their demographic, practice, and geographical characteristics are analyzed. Clinical and policy implications of these findings will be discussed. FR 5:30PM-6:00PM Westin, Galleria Tech E 4575 GI BPM Introductory Prof Educ CAPCSD Salary Surveys & the 2018 Update Paula Currie, Southeastern Louisiana U The 2018 Salary Survey is the sixth survey conducted by the Council on Academic Programs in Communication Science & Disorders. This survey was developed by CAPCSD and Calvin College Center for Social Research. Carnegie classification, region, public vs. private status, salaries and faculty data (gender, degree, academic vs. clinical status, rank, tenure/promotional ladder, and primary professional area) are reported. FR 3:45PM-4:15PM Westin, Galleria Tech H 4576 SLP CRAN Intermediate Research Effectiveness of Speech Intervention Using Ultrasound in Children With Cleft Palate Sue Ann Lee, Texas Tech U Health Sciences Ctr; Amanda Parks, Texas Tech U Health Sciences Ctr; Tracy Fergerson, UMC Med Ctr; Heidi Durham, UMC Med Ctr This study investigates effect of ultrasound in speech interventions for four children with cleft palate. Using a single-subject multiple baseline design, alveolar fricative /s/, coronal stop /t/ and /d/, and rhotic /r/ were treated. Our finding suggests that ultrasound biofeedback is effective in young children with cleft palate; however, attention level and structural abnormalities may impact the level of effectiveness. FR 4:15PM-4:45PM Westin, Galleria Tech H 4577 SLP CRAN Intermediate Research Measuring Intelligibility in Children With Velopharyngeal Insufficiency: The Intelligibility Context Scale vs Experimental Measures Hedieh Hashemi Hosseinabad, U of Cincinnati; Karla Washington, U of Cincinnati; Suzanne Boyce, U of Cincinnati; Noah Silbert, U of Cincinnati This presentation describes outcomes of a research study that evaluated the clinical application of the Intelligibility Context Scale (ICS) in individuals with velopharyngeal insufficiency. The ICS was developed in accordance with the ICF-CY conceptual framework. The study compares results from ICS with results of more experimental measures of intelligibility, including transcriptions produced by naïve listeners, nasalance and articulation scores. FR 8:00AM-8:30AM Westin, Galleria Tech H 4578 GI CLD Intermediate Research Identifying Latent Language Ability Profiles Among Preschool Children Who Are Spanish-English Speaking Dual Language Learners Rachel Hoge, Florida St U; Autumn McIlraith, Florida St U Due to the complex and variable nature of bilingual language development, dual-language-learners are at risk for systematic misidentification of language impairment. Latent Profile Analysis (LPA) was conducted to empirically identify whether distinct language ability subgroups exist within a sample of 286 Spanish-English dual-language-learners in preschool. Results support a four-group solution with the lowest ability groups demonstrating patterns of differential performance. FR 8:30AM-9:00AM Westin, Galleria Tech H 4579 GI CLD Introductory Research A Roadmap for Developing Language Specific Speech Perception Assessments in Minority Languages Thora Masdottir, U of Iceland; Sigrídur Gudmundsdóttir, U of Iceland; Iris Nowenstein, U of Iceland Accurate speech perception is a key indicator of successful cochlear implant use. However, when cochlear implant recipients are native speakers of minority languages, appropriate assessment of speech perception skills is difficult. This paper describes the promises and pitfalls of developing rigorous assessment tools in minority languages, in this case, Icelandic. FR 9:00AM-9:30AM Westin, Galleria Tech H 4580 GI CLD Intermediate Research Language Proficiency Measures that Predict Language Performance of Preschool Bilingual Children Stephanie Escobar, U of Texas at El Paso; Stephanie Trujillo, U of Texas at El Paso; Vanesa Smith, U of Texas at El Paso; Connie Summers, U of Texas at El Paso Age of first English exposure, and current input/output have been found to contribute to language abilities of bilingual children. Multiple linear regression models were used to analyze which factor would best predict language performance in bilingual preschoolers, as measured by grammaticality in language samples and scores on the morphosyntax and semantics subtests of the Bilingual English-Spanish Oral Screener (BESOS). FR 9:30AM-10:00AM Westin, Galleria Tech H 4581 GI CLD Intermediate Research Grammatical Error Types Using a Picture Description Task in English & Spanish With Young Children Isabel Cano, NSSLHA; Lisa Valles, NSSLHA; Vanesa Smith, U of Texas at El Paso; Connie Summers, U of Texas at El Paso A picture description task was utilized to elicit language samples in English and Spanish with 47 young children from a border community. The samples were transcribed and coded for different grammatical errors to analyze the frequency of error type between and across languages. Results showed that the participants exhibited more tense errors in English and more pronominal errors in Spanish.