Information for Presenters

Call for Papers Notifications

Notifications of acceptance/non-acceptance will be emailed to all authors listed on proposals in mid-July, no later than July 22. They will also be accessible to all authors via the Author/Presenter Management Center.

Author/Presenter Management Center

A personalized link for the Author/Presenter Management Center site was included in the disclosure notification you received after your proposal was submitted. The Management Center site is where you find your submitted proposals, important notifications, critical deadline information, presenter instructions, agreements, and disclosure forms.  

Although we will still send notifications to authors via email, we have been experiencing significant challenges with email not reaching recipients due to increased spam filtering. The online Author/Presenter Management Center is always accessible and should be your primary resource throughout the Call for Papers process. Please bookmark the site and regularly check it to ensure you are completing all author tasks and responsibilities by the deadlines.

If you have any issues accessing the Author/Presenter Management Center, please contact us at for help.

Author Agreements and Conflict of Interest Disclosures

As part of the submission process for the Call for Papers, all authors must read, understand, and agree to adhere to the principles, guidelines, and procedures outlined in the Author Agreement and Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy. Authors will also submit their own biographical sketch to be published in the program when they complete the agreement and disclosures.

All presenting authors (the individuals who will be actually speaking or presenting the session, including the session moderators) must also agree to the Presenting Author Agreement by April 19 in order to present at the ASHA Convention. Items in the Presenting Author Agreement specifically pertain to public presentation at the ASHA Convention. Presenters who do not complete the agreement will be removed from the program and will not be allowed to present.

Authors of virtual 1-hour seminars and virtual technical sessions who indicated that they would like their session included in the ASHA Learning Pass will be required to complete an additional agreement if their session is recommended for inclusion.

Presenter Instructions and Information

Detailed information for presenters of oral sessions (both in-person and virtual-only Master Classes, 1-Hour Oral Seminars, Technical Clinical and Technical Research Sessions) and for poster presenters (both in-person and virtual-only) will be posted when acceptance/non-acceptance notifications are sent in mid-July.

Virtual-only presenters will be required to upload their presentations/posters and audio recordings by early October well in advance of the ASHA Convention. This additional lead time is necessary so sessions may be captioned and so we may test for quality assurance. If you are unable to meet the upload deadline, your presentation will be administratively withdrawn from the program.


Per the Presenting Author Agreement, all presenters are required to register for the ASHA Convention.

Presenters of in-person sessions must register for the in-person event in New Orleans. In-person presenters are responsible for arranging their own travel and accommodations, even if with special circumstances. Although ASHA Leadership has not set the vaccination or masking requirements for the in-person Convention yet, the convention center in New Orleans currently requires guests to be vaccinated and wear masks.

Presenters of pre-recorded virtual oral sessions and virtual-only poster presenters may opt to register just for access to the ASHA Convention Virtual Library. (If you also have an accepted in-person session, you must register for the in-person event.)

If you are a presenter and not a member of ASHA (because you are not a speech-language pathologist and/or audiologist and therefore ineligible to join ASHA), please contact after you receive your acceptance letter to request special registration instructions.

If you are a student presenter and in the field of audiology or speech-language pathology, you must be a National NSSLHA member to register at the NSSLHA/ASHA graduate student rate otherwise you will need to pay the non-member registration fee.

Handouts/Advance Materials

Every year, we receive requests from attendees seeking more information from presenters. To better meet the educational needs of attendees, we are requiring that presenters upload 3 pages of supporting material in advance, to include an outline of the presentation and a list of references or links related to the final presentation. Presenters who have more than 3 pages of material may include links to additional resources in their handouts. Presenters will NOT upload their final presentation through this mechanism—only advance notes which attendees may download to have accessible during the presentation.

Instructions and a link for uploading advance materials will be emailed to presenters in mid-September (TBD). Handouts must be uploaded by mid-October (TBD).

Speaker Disclosures at the Start of Your Presentation

All authors involved in the development of content/presentations are required to provide information about their financial and nonfinancial relationships relative to it. As part of the ASHA Convention Call for Papers, all authors/speakers/presenters were required to enter their financial and nonfinancial disclosures. If anything has changed (e.g., employment changes relevant to the content of the presentation/poster), authors/speakers/presenters should update their disclosures in the Author/Presenter Management Center.

All authors/speakers/presenters must also provide their disclosures—both in writing (on a slide or on the poster) and verbally at the beginning of the presentation. Ideally, each author/speaker/presenter will state their own disclosures, but if only one author/speaker/presenter is speaking/doing a recording, that individual can verbally state disclosures for all the authors/speakers/presenters. (If a presentation/poster includes so many authors/speakers/presenters that it is unreasonable to verbally state all the disclosures, the primary author/speaker/presenter can state their own disclosures and then state that the remaining disclosures can be found on the poster/slide.)

View additional information and examples about speaker disclosures to help guide you with disclosure statements for your presentation.

General Expectations for Sessions Offered at the ASHA Convention

Presenters are expected to follow the general expectations for sessions offered at the ASHA Convention, as summarized below.

  • Products, equipment, or devices described or used in conducting the course may not be marketed as part of the instructional portion of the CE course. Marketing and promotional activities and materials are prohibited within educational presentations, within the presentation/session room, and in/on any handouts related to the presentation. If promotional information on devices, products, or services is requested by an attendee during an educational session, information can be provided separately, after the session and outside of the session room.
  • ASHA does not endorse programs, products, or services. Acceptance of a paper for presentation does not constitute ASHA's endorsement of its content.
  • Speakers are expected to refrain from comments or humor that disparages the rightful dignity of any person or group.
  • Speakers are expected to comply with copyright law and HIPAA regulations in selecting material and images for their presentations. In particular, speakers are cautioned against using images or identifying details of any client or patient without express written permission to do so.

Presenting for Impact: Leveraging the Science of Adult Learning to Deliver Great Presentations

In this resource, two experts in adult learning present proven strategies to help presenters deliver more impactful learning experiences—ones that effectively support a learner’s ability to gain and apply new knowledge or skills. Designed to be used during presentation development, the course explores key takeaways from the science of adult learning (andragogy), highlighting methods that support learning and those that hinder it.

Accessibility Guidelines for Presenters

ASHA is committed to providing access to continuing education courses to all participants with disabilities and other diverse learners. Accessible Continuing Education, or more broadly referred to as Universal Design Instruction (UDI), provides a framework for creating courses that ensure lectures, discussions, visual aids, videos, and printed materials are accessible to all participants, regardless of their learning styles or needs. Read more about Accessible Continuing Education and the suggestions for presenters to ensure everyone can follow your presentation. Presenters may also wish to familiarize themselves with ASHA's accessibility policy for providing ADA accommodations at its live events.

Earning CE Credit for Presenting

As a presenter of a session offered for ASHA CEUs, you may claim credit for your own session, earning the same amount of credit as participants. Read more about earning continuing education credit at the ASHA Convention.


All sessions are final as accepted. We are unable to honor requests for switches to an in-person or a virtual format, changes to session format, or date and time changes for in-person sessions once the schedule has been finalized. If, for some reason, you must withdraw your presentation, please send written notification to as soon as possible.

Virtual presenters who fail to upload their presentation by the deadline will be administratively withdrawn from the ASHA Convention program.


If you have any questions about presenting or need assistance, please email

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