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General Information for All Presenters

Read more about the required agreements and disclosures for authors and presenters, general expectations for sessions offered at the ASHA Convention, accessibility guidelines, helpful tips for creating your presentation, earning continuing education credit for presenting, and more.

Important Dates and Deadlines for Authors/Presenters

This timeline outlines when authors/presenters can expect to receive notifications and the deadlines for critical tasks related to their presentation. You are responsible for being aware of these deadlines and completing all tasks (as applicable) by the due dates.

Author/Presenter Management Center

A personalized link for the Author/Presenter Management Center site was included in the disclosure notification each author (either presenting or non-presenting) received after their proposal was submitted. All authors should be logging into the Author/Presenter Management Center to check for important notifications, critical deadlines, instructions, and required agreements and disclosure forms.

iPoster Format

ASHA uses a digital platform for posters called iPosters, which allows you to create interactive, multimedia presentations. We invite you to take a look at the iPosters gallery to see some examples of what presenters at other conferences have created.

All poster presenters (both in-person and virtual-only) are required to upload their poster and record their 15-minute audio presentation using the iPoster platform to be included in the Virtual Program online program from November 20–December 10. If you do not wish to create an interactive iPoster, you may upload a static PDF poster to the iPoster platform but you will still need to record the audio portion of your presentation using the platform.

Instructions for Poster Presenters

After acceptance, we will provide all poster presenters (both in-person and virtual-only) with instructions for preparing and uploading their digital posters and then recording their 15-minute audio presentation. Your poster presentation must be uploaded by October 31, well in advance of the ASHA Convention. This additional lead time is needed for quality assurance testing. If your presentation is not uploaded by the deadline, or if it does not have a full 15 minutes of audio narration, we will administratively withdraw it from the program.

In-person presenters will receive additional instructions for participating in their scheduled 90-minute Q&A session onsite. (In-person poster presenters do not need to print and hang a physical poster. During their 90-minute Q&A session, they will stand next to a monitor displaying their digital iPoster.)

Virtual poster presenters do not have any scheduled live interaction with attendees, however, you should regularly log into the iPoster platform and/or check your email for notifications between November 20–December 10 so you may answer any questions submitted by viewers.


Per the Presenting Author Agreement, all presenters are required to register for the ASHA Convention. Registration will open on August 1, 2024, at 10:00 a.m., Eastern time.

In-Person Poster Presenters

Presenters of in-person poster sessions must register for the in-person event in Seattle. ASHA's hotel reservation service will also open on August 1 at 10:00 a.m., Eastern time. You are responsible for arranging your own travel and accommodations, even if you have special circumstances.

You have two registration options:

  • Full in-person registration (includes access to the Virtual Program), or
  • One-day in-person registration (does not include access to the Virtual Program).

If you opt for one-day registration, you must choose the day on which your presentation is scheduled. If you have multiple presentations, this option only applies if they are scheduled on the same day, otherwise, you will need to register for the full three-day event.

Virtual-Only Poster Presenters

Presenters of virtual-only posters have three registration options

  • Full in-person registration (includes access to the Virtual Program is included),
  • One-day in-person registration (does not include access to the Virtual Program),
  • Or, register only for the ASHA Convention Virtual Program.

If you also have an accepted in-person session, you must register for either the full in-person event or for one-day in person (see stipulations for in-person registration noted above under In-Person Poster Presenters).

Non-Members and Students

Non-member presenters (who are not speech-language pathologists or audiologists and therefore ineligible to join ASHA) should email for special instructions on how to register for the ASHA Convention.

Presenters who are students in the field of audiology or speech-language pathology must be national NSSLHA members to register at the NSSLHA/ASHA graduate student rate. Students who are not NSSLHA members will need to pay the non-member registration fee.


All sessions are final as accepted. We are unable to honor requests for switches to an in-person or a virtual format, changes to session format, or date and time changes for in-person sessions once the schedule has been finalized. If, for some reason, you must withdraw your presentation, please send written notification to as soon as possible.

Poster presenters who fail to upload their digital poster and audio recording by the deadline will be administratively withdrawn from the ASHA Convention program.

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The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the national professional, scientific, and credentialing association for members and affiliates who are audiologists; speech-language pathologists; speech, language, and hearing scientists; audiology and speech-language pathology assistants; and students.

About the Convention

The ASHA Convention is one of the largest professional development events for audiologists; speech-language pathologists; speech, language, and hearing scientists; and speech-language pathology and audiology assistants. Bringing together approximately 15,000 attendees, the annual Convention offers more than 2,500 sessions eligible for ASHA continuing education credit covering the latest research, clinical skills, and techniques in communication sciences and disorders.

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