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  • Call for Papers

  • The Call for Papers for the 2018 ASHA Convention is now open. Proposals to present Oral Seminars, Technical Research Sessions and Technical Clinical Sessions, Poster Sessions and Hands-on Labs are welcomed. The deadline to submit a proposal is April 3, 2018, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time).

    Submit Your Proposal 

    Submission Guidelines

    Carefully read through the  Submission Guidelines before submitting your proposal to the Call for Papers. The guidelines outline the submission process, define terms, and provide explanations of information required to submit a proposal.

    Call for Papers Agreement and Disclosure Policy

    Before submitting your proposal to the Call for Papers, it is extremely important that you read, understand, and agree to follow the principles, guidelines, and procedures outlined in the  Call for Papers Agreement and Disclosure Policy.

    Read more about the disclosure policy in the  Frequently Asked Questions for Presenters.

    Topic Areas

    Educational programming at the ASHA Convention covers a wide variety of  Topic Areas [PDF] relevant to the professions. When you submit a proposal to the Call for Papers, you must select from the list of Topic Areas the topic that best corresponds to your presentation. Please note that the Convention Program Committee has the authority to recategorize a proposal if an appropriate Topic Area is not selected.

    Convention Program Committee

    The  Convention Co-Chairs lead the  Convention Program Committee, which invites speakers, reviews presentation proposal submissions, and helps select the most informative content to be presented during the Convention.

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