Message from the Convention Co-Chairs

Mark DeRuiter, Convention Co-Chair for Audiology, and Edie Hapner, Convention Co-Chair for Speech-Language Pathology

Reframe Your Thinking. Detours. Details. Discovery.

The start of a new decade offers ASHA members an opportunity to usher in new ways of learning, new paths to explore, new discoveries to be found, and new opportunities to create community. Your ASHA Convention Co-Chairs, with the help of the Topic Chairs (43 of your amazing colleagues representing all professional facets of our association) are crafting learning opportunities to encourage you to think differently in this new decade—to Reframe Your Thinking.

As we begin 2020, the analogies to 20/20 vision have not been lost on the Convention Program Committee. In this decade, we will be asked to practice differently, to teach differently, and to interact globally in ways never experienced before. These changes will encourage each of us to change our focus or adjust the lens through which we view our work. Clarity is critical as we move ahead.

Watch a video message from the Co-Chairs.

As you develop your proposals for the 2020 ASHA Convention, we encourage you to infuse the theme, “Reframe Your Thinking. Detours. Details. Discovery.” into your presentations.

Consider this: Detours, as defined by Merriam-Webster, are “a deviation from a direct course or the usual procedure.” A Detour Session might highlight practice patterns, teaching methodologies, mentoring/supervising processes, or even your own personal journeys that are either a deviation from how they’ve been done in the past or a departure from the norm—and show evidence or promise of success.

Details, as Merriam-Webster explains, are “the small elements that collectively constitute a work of art.” Aren’t the small elements often the difference between successful and unsuccessful outcomes in all aspects of our professions? The small details can be hard to teach, and hard to observe for new learners, but they do make a big impact. Detail Sessions are lessons from experienced professionals and master clinicians about how to better lead staff and mentees, effectively teach students, and best serve patients and clients—the small details that make these methods best practices.

Discovery Sessions are those that highlight new findings, whether from the lab, the clinical space, or the classroom. Also consider some other words related to Discoveryfinding, spotting, detecting, and unearthing—that are all very important to our professions. Often, in the act of our daily work, we “unearth” valuable new findings and methods. Share your new discoveries that will move our professions into the next decade.

Finally, a word about San Diego. Where else would anyone want to be in November, except the city often described as having the best year-round weather in the United States? But did you know that San Diego is also a perfect match for our 2020 Convention theme? It has its own version of detours, details, and discovery! Known as the birthplace of California, San Diego’s motto, Semper Vigilans, [Latin for “Always Vigilant”] reminds us to be open to discovery. Although you might be familiar with a few details about San Diego—such as its famous sandy beaches, zoo, and Naval base—you may not know that this city is taking a detour of its own and quickly is becoming known for its health care and biotech development industry.

So, close your eyes, and imagine the possibilities that this new decade might hold for you as a professional, as a mentor, as a student, and as an individual person—and then, submit a proposal to present in San Diego, November 19–21, 2020. REFRAME YOUR THINKING by embracing the DETOURS, the DETAILS, and the DISCOVERY.

See you in San Diego!

Mark and Edie

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