Message from the Convention Co-Chairs

Mark DeRuiter, Convention Co-Chair for Audiology, and Edie Hapner, Convention Co-Chair for Speech-Language Pathology

Reframe Your Thinking: Resilience Reinvented

We have heard a lot about resilience these days, and the importance of resilience in managing our everyday work and personal lives. What does resilience look like to you? How you perceive resilience may depend on your frame of mind. Resilience may resonate positively with many people as the ability to bounce back from challenges, while others may feel that their resilience reserves become tapped out from pushing through difficult situations. As we begin our planning for 2022, we encourage you to reexamine how you’ve thought of resilience. It is both the ability to learn from challenges and rebuild, as well as an opportunity to take stock of the knowledge and experience you have that allow you to grow—your foundational building blocks.

We served as the 2020 ASHA Convention Co-Chairs, the year that the Convention was canceled. This year we have the honor of returning as your co-chairs once again, in a unique do-over opportunity. As we reprised our roles, newly hopeful, we reflected on our vision and thought about developing synergies between our 2020 theme, “Reframe Your Thinking: Details, Detours, and Discovery” and our vision for 2022. We had no idea of the detours we would experience in 2020, nor the many ways we would need to reframe our thinking, which led us to the concept of resilience. ASHA members embody resilience. We teach this skill to our patients, clients, and students, but never have we had to embrace and grow from our own resilience than over the past two years. So, this year we are reframing, rethinking, and reinventing resilience by celebrating our discoveries, and taking pride in how we’ve grown, both professionally and personally. Thus, the 2022 ASHA Convention theme is “Reframe Your Thinking: Resilience Reinvented.”

As we thought about reinventing resilience, we found this great quote from Katie Hurley, a psychotherapist:

“Resilience is not a trampoline, where you’re down one moment and up the next. It’s more like climbing a mountain without a trail map. It takes time, strength, and help from people around you, and you’ll likely experience setbacks along the way. But eventually you reach the top and look back at how far you’ve come.” Hurley, K. (2020, December). What Is Resilience? Your Guide to Facing Life’s Challenges, Adversities, and Crises.

What happens when we don’t have “a trail map” for the mountain? We’ve learned that resilience comes in many forms and each person must develop their own path that draws on their unique strengths, resources, and support system. We encourage you to consider your path to serving as a resilient student, clinician, educator, or scientist. What better place to celebrate resilience than New Orleans, a city of canals that lead to the mighty Mississippi, and winding streets and narrow alleyways that lead into the city’s famed vibrant, open squares. Some consider it the birthplace of urban sustainability and resilience, particularly over the last 17 years. What paths have helped guide you to resiliency and success?

For the 2022 Convention, we’re serving alongside our Topic Chairs as the “help from people around you” that Hurley mentions. We’re planning exciting content to deepen our knowledge and skills and increase our resilience. We’ll create ways for you to connect and celebrate with your colleagues and friends, in the spirit of keeping our conversation around resilience moving forward.

By attending the 2022 ASHA Convention you’ll be able to engage with cutting-edge learning content—all in the context of great music, great food, and unique places to gather. Unable to make it to New Orleans? We’re keeping the hybrid format and designing exciting virtual opportunities, as well as building upon what we learned last year.

The 2022 ASHA Convention program offers 31 topic areas developed by 43 expert audiologists, speech-language pathologists and CSD scientists. These topics will reflect how the professions have expanded and shifted to meet the new demands we encountered and the resilience we continue to build as we face the future. You will also find content on issues that have affected our current state of practice, such as social justice and public health infused into the topics.

The past two years have caused us to reflect in many ways. While our theme celebrates resilience, it also celebrates what we have discovered about how we learn in the past 24 months. Keeping with the tradition of offering a robust and powerful convention experience, and honoring our evolving state of learning, the 2022 ASHA Convention will showcase some new and updated features:

Hybrid Options: Members submitting proposals to the Call for Papers for one-hour oral seminars and technical sessions will have the opportunity to indicate their preferred presentation format—in-person only or virtual-only (pre-recorded). And, we are working to enhance the virtual event option for participants to include longer access to content and some limited live stream options.

One-hour Oral Seminar Series: If you have more content than the one-hour time format allows, we encourage you to submit two proposals for two one-hour sessions titled Part One and Part Two. Not only does scheduling in one-hour blocks allow more flexibility for room spacing and physical distancing, but it also supports brain breaks and increases opportunities for discussion.

Poster Options: In-person poster presentations will return to our live event this year; however, we are also offering a virtual-only format consisting of a digital poster and an audio recording. (Virtual posters will not have live Q&A sessions.) You will have the option of choosing your desired presentation format when submitting your proposal.

Topic Descriptions and Titles: Some topic areas have new titles to better reflect the content. This is particularly true around speech sound and motor speech disorders and the continuation of both adult and pediatric dysphagia as separate content areas.

More Options to Connect: As always, we are planning a variety of ways for our members to connect at the in-person conference. Gathering and connecting is a key ingredient of resiliency. Stay tuned for more information about exciting options!

Plan to join us—either in-person in New Orleans, virtually, or both—in November!

Mark DeRuiter                                                            Edie Hapner
Co-Chair, Audiology                                                   Co-Chair, Speech-Language Pathology

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