Presenting Author Agreement: Details

Please read through them, and if you need further clarification on any point, or have a specific situation to inquire about, email with details.

Copyright and Permissions

Does your presentation use/include materials from other sources? That's entirely permissible—just be sure to obtain appropriate and documented permission from copyright owners. Please note, in most cases, "fair use" does not apply to nonprofit educational conferences (including ASHA Convention) because they are classified as commercial venues.

Bear in mind, per the indemnification clause, it's your responsibility to ensure no part of your presentation infringes on copyrighted property/materials. In the event unauthorized copyrighted property/materials are used in your presentation, and the copyright owner(s) pursue legal action, the authors/presenters are the liable and responsible party, not the conference host (i.e. ASHA).

In short, it's better to err on the side of caution when it comes using property/materials from third-parties.

License for ASHA to Use Presentation and Materials

In order for ASHA to host your presentation and related materials at Convention, we need your permission. This might seem obvious, but we are still required to receive your consent and authorization. This license gives ASHA permission to host your session for the duration of the ASHA Convention, and nothing further. You retain all copyright/intellectual property ownership and your presentation will not be recorded and/or used for purposes beyond Convention, unless special arrangements have been made (and agreed to) between authors/presenters and ASHA.

This license is also a reminder to make certain you've obtained the appropriate permissions for third-party materials included in your presentation (see Copyright and Permissions FAQ). If you're requesting permission from third-party copyright owners to use their materials within your presentation, be sure they understand/approve the intended use, and give them attribution.

Indemnification Clause

Authors/presenters are ultimately responsible for honoring all the guidelines outlined in the Presenting Author Agreement. Should the terms of agreement be neglected (intentionally and/or unintentionally), the authors/presenters—not ASHA—may be held accountable for related consequences, if they arise.

Two examples:

If a disparaging comment is made by a presenter during a session, and a claim is brought forth by an attendee, that speaker is the responsible party. Should further action occur, the responsible party (i.e. speaker), may be liable for ethical violations.

If copyright infringement occurs within a presentation and the copyright owner(s) pursue legal action, the authors/speakers are the responsible party. Should the situation escalate (e.g. statutory damages and litigation), the responsible party (i.e. authors/speakers) is liable and responsible for all consequences. ASHA will not provide legal and/or financial support to the responsible party. 

The indemnification clause is not intended to intimidate authors/presenters. Rather, it serves as strong reinforcement that authors/speakers are responsible for their actions, as well as potential consequences of negative actions. Further, should the consequences of negative actions arise, ASHA is not the responsible party and will not provide any support to those liable/accountable.

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