Imagine More November 21-23 Orlando, FL

  • Lounges

  • All lounges and booths, with representation from ASHA staff and volunteer leaders, will be located at the Orange County Convention Center. Check out which programs and initiatives will be at the 2019 ASHA Convention:

    ASHA Audiology
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall B4-D1, near Booth 470 (Audiology Square area)

    Audiologists, this area is exclusively for you! Stop by the Audiology Lounge, sponsored by Sprint CapTel, to recharge with coffee and a snack. Meet with colleagues, connect with new ones, and charge your devices, too!

    ASHA Certification
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall B4-D1, Booth 269

    The ASHA Certification Lounge is the place to learn more about the certification process, the current certification standards, certification maintenance, as well as the upcoming changes, which go into effect January 1, 2020. In the Certification Lounge, you will also be able to learn more about Clinical Specialty Certification and the Assistants Credentialing Program from staff and members of the Council for Clinical Certification.

    ASHA Continuing Education
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall B4-D1, Booth 270

    3...2...1...Launch your learning with ASHA Continuing Education (CE)! Drop by the ASHA CE lounge to learn more about ASHA CEUs, CEFind, and the CE Registry. Snap a photo while reaching for the stars in CE’s rocket and spacesuit. Plus, when you pay your CE Registry fee at the lounge, you’ll get an astronaut ice cream (while supplies last). Explore infinite possibilities by earning ASHA CEUs at Convention and beyond – you’re cleared for takeoff.

    ASHA Journals Lounge
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall D2 (Posters)

    Whether you’re an author, editor, reviewer, or reader, visit the ASHA Journals Lounge to learn more about resources available to you on ASHAWire and the ASHA Journals Academy. Learn about the all-new topic collections and the role of Perspectives now as a scholarly review journal, and let us know how we can help you find the research you need to stay in the know.

    Career Portal Lounge
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall B4-D1, Booth CF2272

    Take your career to the next level in the Career Portal Lounge! Attend mini-workshops led by a career coach, have your resume reviewed, network, and enter to win prizes. While you are there, check out the new  ASHA Career Portal and submit suggestions.

    Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) Lounge
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall D2 (Posters)

    Stop by to consult with CAA members and Accreditation staff, or share with us your burning questions about the Standards for Accreditation and accreditation processes. Learn about submitting CAA reports in the online (EnGauge) system, preparing for a site visit, interpretation and expectations of the Standards, recent process changes, how to become a site visitor, and more.

    Faculty-Researcher Lounge
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall D2 (Posters)

    At the Faculty-Researcher Lounge, you can connect with other faculty and researchers, learn about the CSD Education Survey data, and get questions answered about academic and clinical education issues. Explore funding and training opportunities with our award, mentoring, and research education programs. Learn about ASHA’s initiatives to enhance supervision training and interprofessional education/interprofessional collaborative practice.

    Orange County Convention Center, Hall B4-D1, Booth 255

    Where do your best ideas come to you? For example, inspiration sparks for some while behind the wheel in traffic; others find clarity and vision while exercising; and some might be struck with creativity while in the shower. No matter where your "Eureka!" moments are generated, be sure to stop by the Imaginarium to try out some activities and spaces that will allow you to reflect, spark your creativity, and get your imagination flowing.

    International Lounge
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall D2 (Posters)

    Everyone is invited to stop by and learn about ASHA International Programs. Find out more about the benefits of the International Affiliates program; ASHA’s international initiatives; ASHA’s collaboration with the World Health Organization—and, in particular, with the Pan American Health Organization; SIG 17 (Global Issues in Communication Sciences and Related Disorders); and the International Issues Board. International participants: Stop by to place a pin on your country on our interactive world map!

    Mild Kingdom (Introvert Lounge)
    Orange County Convention Center, 224E

    Where the mild things are! The ASHA Convention can feel like a jungle. Take a short break to recharge in this calm, soothing oasis before rejoining the crowds. Everyone is welcome to spend some quiet time in the Mild Kingdom, but you’ll need to head back out into the jungle eventually! 

    Neuroscience of Play(ground)
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall E1

    When we play, the prefrontal cortex of our brain is stimulated. This is the part of the brain that helps us cope with challenges, face uncertainty and problem-solve. Being actively engaged in play can boost feelings of joy and well-being. We also have the neurochemical dopamine to thank for those “positive vibes” we often feel while spending time outside. Stop by to play some games, build with Legos or Play Dough, or take a virtual walk in the park or on the beach. The Neuroscience of (Play)ground will help you relax and reframe your thinking with the positive neurological benefits of play.

    NSSLHA Lounge
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall D2 (Posters)

    Stop by the NSSLHA Lounge to say hello, hear about professional topics, meet National NSSLHA leaders, and make new friends! While there, nab one of our free giveaways and student-related ribbons, enter to win a daily prize drawing, and snap a pic in our selfie station. And, of course, NSSLHA staff will be on hand to answer any questions about the NSSLHA organization and related activities at the ASHA Convention.

    Practice Portal Lounge
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall D2 (Posters)

    Stop by to learn how the Practice Portal can help you find resources on clinical and professional topics—all in one easy-to-access location on the ASHA website!

    Special Interest Groups
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall B4 (Located in the ASHA Member Services Center)

    Whether you’re starting out in your career, an expert in your specialty, or somewhere in between, you’ll go further in an ASHA Special Interest Group (SIG). Stop by the SIG lounge for details and how you can connect with your professional community while at Convention. You’ll find a schedule of SIG invited sessions and meetings (which are open to all), answers to your SIG-related questions, and a very warm welcome.

    Value of the CCCs
    Orange County Convention Center, Hall D Lobby

    Visit the Value of the CCCs Lounge to learn more about ASHA’s award-winning campaign, which raises the profile of ASHA certification with professionals who hire, refer, supervise, and evaluate ASHA-certified members. Be part of this exciting effort by stopping by to have your picture taken for your very own campaign ad, perfect for sharing in your network. While there, you can also learn about other PR initiatives like the  Healthy Communication and Popular Technology Initiative,  Identify the Signs,  Better Hearing and Speech Month, and other outreach.