Imagine More November 21-23 Orlando, FL

  • ASHA Convention Registration Fees

  • You may register in advance online, or by fax or mail. Onsite registration will also be available during the ASHA Convention.

    Your registration for the ASHA Convention includes the following activities:

    • Attendance at any Oral Seminar (1- or 2-hour), Technical Clinical Session and Technical Research Session, Poster Session, Master Class and Hands-on Lab, all of which are eligible for ASHA Continuing Education Credit
    • Admittance to the Exhibit Hall, Career Fair, and Graduate School Fair
    • Attendance at the Opening General Session and Awards Ceremony
    • Participation in social events like the First-Timers' Welcome, the Welcome in the Exhibit Hall, and any community service activities

    View or print our overview brochure [PDF] or use our tips and letter of support template to make your case to attend.

    2019 Convention Registration Fees

    Registration fees cannot be adjusted retroactively once rate deadlines have passed. To ensure you will not be charged the higher rate, please make sure your registration is complete and submitted by the corresponding deadline.

    Early Bird 8/1–8/31 Advance 9/1–9/30 Regular 10/1–10/31 Onsite 11/1
    Non-Member $690 $730 $755 $795
    ASHA Member $390 $430 $455 $495
    ASHA Life Member $85 $85 $85 $85
    NSSLHA/ASHA Grad Student Member $225 $225 $225 $225
    New ASHA Member/CFY $290 $330 $355 $395
    Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (Associate) $390 $430 $455 $495
    Related Professional $490 $530 $555 $595
    International Affiliate $390 $430 $455 $495
    One-day Non-Member $535 $535 $535 $535
    One-day ASHA Member $295 $295 $295 $295
    One-day NSSLHA/ASHA Grad Student Member $165 $165 $165 $165
    One-day New ASHA Member/CFY $195 $195 $195 $195
    One-day  Associate $295 $295 $295 $295
    One-day Related Professional $395 $395 $395 $395
    One-day International Affiliate $295 $295 $295 $295
    Guest $75 $75 $75 $75
    Exhibit Hall–only Pass Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable $75

    Payment by check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover only). No purchase orders accepted.

    ASHA Member Registration

    To register at a member rate, you must indicate your membership number on the registration form. Please make sure that your dues are current. If they are not, your registration will be processed at the non-member registration fee.

    NSSLHA/ASHA Grad Student Member

    This rate is for current NSSLHA or ASHA Grad Student members. Students enrolled in a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate program may join NSSLHA and receive the NSSLHA member fee. Doctoral students who hold a Certificate of Clinical Competence may initiate their ASHA Graduate Student membership in order to receive the Graduate Student rate. If you have any questions regarding your membership or want to join ASHA or NSSLHA, please call the Action Center at 800-498-2071.

    New ASHA Member

    Individuals who have been a member of ASHA for four years or less are considered New ASHA Members.

    Related Professionals

    Related Professionals are individuals who do not belong to ASHA, are not audiologists or speech-language pathologists, and want to attend Convention for educational programs to enhance their professional knowledge (i.e., a special-ed teacher, an occupational therapist, etc.).


    International member affiliates and members of the SAC, RCSLT, SPA, IALP, CPLOL, ISA, and SBFa are included in this category.


    All presenters (whether for oral sessions and posters) are required to register for the ASHA Convention at the rate that corresponds to their membership status as outlined above, and to arrange their own travel and accommodations, even if with special circumstances. If you are a presenter and not a member of ASHA (because you are not a speech-language pathologist and/or audiologist and therefore ineligible to join ASHA), please contact after you receive your acceptance letter to request special registration instructions. Notifications of presentation acceptance and nonacceptance are e-mailed in mid-July.

    If you are a presenter who is a student in the field of audiology or speech-language pathology, you must be a current NSSLHA member to register at the NSSLHA/ASHA graduate student rate otherwise you will need to pay the non-member registration fee.

    If you have any questions regarding your membership status or want to join ASHA or NSSLHA, please call the Action Center at 800-498-2071.


    A special registration form is available (beginning August 1) that allows members to take advantage of a group discount. When seven or more members from the same workplace register, the eighth member's registration is complimentary. This group registration discount is available to ASHA members, new ASHA members, and NSSLHA/ASHA Graduate Student members. Please e-mail if you have questions about group registration. 


    A  guest is an accompanying person who is not an ASHA member (and not eligible to be), not a related professional, and attending the Convention in a social capacity only. Guest registration is offered so that friends or family members of registered attendees may accompany them socially in the Exhibit Hall and at special events (tickets may be required for certain special events or receptions) and does not include attendance at any education sessions (oral or poster). Guests may not register themselves; guest registrations must be affiliated with a fully registered attendee who must accompany the guest at all times. Guest passes are not to be used in lieu of Exhibit Hall–only passes, available November 1, which are an official limited-registration option for ASHA members and related professionals.

    One-day Registration

    For those with limited time, a One-day Registration option is available for purchase either online or onsite. One-day badges will not be mailed to registrants in advance; registrants may pick up their badge and materials at registration onsite after 3 p.m. the day before they are attending. (For example, if you plan to attend the Convention on Friday, you may pick up your badge and materials any time after 3 p.m. on Thursday. If you register for one day onsite, please do not come to the registration area earlier than 3 p.m. the day before you plan to attend the Convention.

    One-day registrants may only claim CEUs for sessions held on the day they selected to attend the Convention when registering.

    Ticketed Add-Ons

    The following optional ticketed items may be added to your registration to enhance your experience:

    Event Ticket Price
    Pre-Convention Workshops* $80/each; tickets for PC01 are $40 for members of the American Board of Child Language and Language Disorders; tickets for PC02, PC03, and PC04 are $40 for members of the Florida Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists.
    Short Courses $80/each; SIG members may purchase discounted tickets to SIG-sponsored Short Courses for only $40/each.
    ASHA Cash Coupon Book** $30/each
    PAC Reception tickets (ASHA members only) $60 /each
    ASHFoundation Fundraiser Reception $135/each
    Closing Party*** $60 (limit one ticket per person)
    Closing Party Guest*** $75 (limit one guest ticket)
    Guest Registration $75/each

    *You may purchase tickets to attend the pre-Convention workshops offered on Wednesday even if you do not plan to attend the Convention. In order to purchase tickets, however, you’ll still need to complete the Convention registration process. When you log in to the registration system, select the “Wednesday Only” registration option for $0, which will allow you to add a ticket for the workshops being held on Wednesday. You will pay only for the workshop you select, and will not be registered for the ASHA Convention, which begins on Thursday.

    **The ASHA Cash coupon book is worth $50 towards purchases at any Orange County Convention Center concession stand, all food outlets at the Rosen Centre and Rosen Plaza, and select food outlets at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. The book will have coupons in different denominations (such as $2, $5 and $10) that may be applied to your total purchase. You will not receive change back for your purchase if the coupon amount given is larger than the total owed. For example, if you purchase an item for $4.50 and you pay with a $5.00 coupon, you will not be given $.50 change.

    ***The Closing Party is sold out. A very small number of tickets will be made available for purchase onsite in Orlando at Registration (Hall B4), on Saturday, November 23, at noon Eastern time, on a first-come, first-served basis.