Imagine More November 21-23 Orlando, FL

  • Imaginologists

  • ASHA members are creative and forward-thinking "imaginologists," daring to imagine different outcomes when they conduct new research, when they conceive of new instructional methodology, and when they adopt new practices to better serve patients and students. With new technologies being introduced daily, the world is changing rapidly. Many things that we take for granted in our practice today would not have been possible even a decade ago. What have you imagined?

    Take a moment to be inspired by ASHA President Shari Roberston's musings, featured in the July issue of The ASHA Leader, on the changes in the professions and her own life that she never could have imagined.

    Your Imaginologist Story

    We want your personal stories to highlight at the ASHA Convention. Submit your "I am an ASHA Imaginologist" profile, and tell us about something currently happening in your life, either professionally or personally, that you never could have conceived. Furthermore, we encourage you to share your thoughts on what you imagine for the future of the professions. Stories and pictures will be shared throughout the year on social media, and some will be featured at the ASHA Convention in Orlando—where we will celebrate our ability to "Imagine More!"

    Imaginologists on Social Media

    ASHA "imaginologists" are welcomed to join in the conversation about the 2019 ASHA Convention on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using the following hashtags to share thoughts and photos:




    What experiences are you having that you never could have imagined? What do you envision for the future of the professions? What do you envision for yourself? Tell us!