EXHIBITOR PROFILES • 77 Hearing.Games 1321 www.hearing.games 655 Oak Grove Avenue, #187 Menlo Park, CA 94026 650-703-9046 Kids Hearing Game is a mobile app that is fun to play and allows rapid identification of hearing loss. Convenient and accurate screening for professional or private use, it is practical for hospital, office, school or consumer settings. Available: Apple Apps Store, Google Play and Kindle Fire Appstore. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Apps/Software • Assessments/Evaluations: SLP • Games/Toys • Hearing Loss • Schools: Audiology Hein SLP, Inc. 770 www.heinslpinc.com 4858 Mercury Street, Suite 106 San Diego, CA 92111 858-560-0973 Hein SLP, Inc. presents Growing G.R.E.E.N. InterActions Social Literacy Program to guide participants through interactive lessons, innovative visual strategies, and inspiring music to act grateful, respectful, empathetic, easygoing and navigating with their home, school and friendship teams. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Autism • Language Disorders • Pragmatics • Schools: Speech-Language Pathology • Social Communication Disorders Hiccup Hospital 869 www.hiccuphospital.com 7534 Bell Boulevard, Suite 4A Oakland Gardens, NY 11364 917-692-5085 Can you get your patient out of Hiccup Hospital? Students (or professionals) from OT, PT, SLP and health care (nursing, PA, MD) cooperate and laugh together as they play a board game. Your patient is doing so well until he/she hits a hiccup! Interprofessional education in a low-stakes, fun game. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Clinical Education Resources • Games/Toys • Graduate Programs Hope Speaks 1270 www.joinhopespeaks.org Kampala, Uganda 866-903-7236 Hope Speaks is a nonprofit organization that strives to inspire hope and raise voices of people with disabilities in Uganda through speech therapy, advocacy and social services. Stop by to learn how you can join Hope Speaks. Volunteer opportunities, internships and CFY positions available! PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Associations/Organizations • Bilingual/Multicultural Populations • Graduate Programs • Recruiting/Employment Hormel HealthLabs 228 www.hormelhealthlabs.com 1 Hormel Place Austin, MN 55912 912-651-4923 Swallowing difficulties create a lot of challenges, but we believe they should not prevent anyone from experiencing food that is nutritious and enjoyable.  We strive everyday to make our foods a pleasant eating experience.  PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Feeding/Nutrition • Swallowing/Dysphagia SUPPORTER SPONSOR