EXHIBITOR PROFILES • 63 Boys Town Press 1165 www.boystownpress.org 13603 Flanagan Boulevard Boys Town, NE 68010 531-355-1334 Boys Town Press publishes award-winning books for children, counselors and families. Our children’s books teach important life skills through entertaining stories and captivating artwork. Each book also includes practical tips for parents and teachers on how to apply these skill to everyday life. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Autism • Education/Resources • Publishing • Schools: Speech-Language Pathology Bracco 337 www.imaging.bracco.com/us-en 259 Prospect Plains Road Monroe Township, NJ 08831 609-514-2343 Specifically designed for the Modified Barium Swallow Study. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Speech/Language/Swallowing Treatments • Swallowing/Dysphagia Brookes Publishing Company 738 www.brookespublishing.com PO Box 10624 Baltimore, MD 21285 410-337-9580 Brookes Publishing brings you practical, research-based resources from today’s top experts on communication and language development. We’ll help you strengthen the communication skills of the children and adults you serve, so that people with and without disabilities can reach their full potential. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Assessments/Evaluations: SLP • Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) • Literacy • Publishing • Schools: Speech-Language Pathology Brooks Rehabilitation 1155 www.brooksrehab.org 3599 University Boulevard South Jacksonville, FL 32216 904-345-7327 Brooks Rehabilitation is a recognized leader in providing a system of world-class rehabilitation solutions, advancing the health and well-being of our communities. We offer various care options to ensure individuals are in the right setting, resulting in the best possible outcomes. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Aphasia • Speech/Language/Swallowing Treatments Brubaker Books 242 www.brubakerbooks.com 1193 Suffield Avenue Birmingham, MI 48009 248-649-6425 Brubaker Books has new products for cognitive and aphasia rehab for adults and adolescents. As rehab clinicians and authors, our very popular and effective treatment materials are creative, interesting and field-tested. Come see a demo of our newest - Flex Your Conversational Questions.  PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Adults • Aphasia • Cognitive Communication • Language Disorders • Traumatic Brain Injury Bruce Medical Supply 525 www.brucemedical.com 411 Waverley Oaks Road, Suite 154 Waltham, MA 02452 800-225-8446 ADDvox laryngectomy/trachesotomy coverings, scarves, accessories, speech aids, speech amplifiers, prethickened juices, liquid thickeners, pureed food, HME’s, laryngectomy tubes, and laryngeal mirror. A Servox authorized North American sales and service dealer. One of America’s leading mail order medical suppliers. CHAMPION SPONSOR