144 • 2018 ASHA CONVENTION EXHIBIT GUIDE Download the Convention App The app is your one-stop resource for the ASHA Convention. Take the complete ASHA Convention program with you anywhere by downloading the app to your smartphone or tablet. Use the app to search the entire program on-the-go, or create and save a personalized schedule. The app integrates seamlessly with the Program Planner, so anything you save is viewable on both platforms after you create an account using your ASHA.org login. Other features include access to advance handouts and/ or final presentation slides (if shared by presenters), space to take session notes, exhibitor profiles, floor plans with a location finder, social media feeds, shuttle tracking, and much more. The app is your one-stop resource for the ASHA Convention. Use the QR code or the mobile responsive URL to download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play: http://m.core-apps.com/dl/ asha2018 App sponsored by ClinicSource Introducing the Alexa ASHA-bot! Our team is always ready to help you at the Info Booths, but we’ve added a fun new “evolutionary” option to help you navigate the ASHA Convention. Now, in addition to the Program Book, Exhibit Guide, Program Planner, mobile app, and the Info Booths, you can use our Alexa ASHA-Bot to find information on-the-go! Several Alexas with a customized database, the ASHA-bot, have been placed throughout the Convention space that can answer all sorts of your onsite questions. You can ask any Alexa general questions just like you would at home. “Alexa, what is the temperature in Boston today?” or “Alexa, where is the closest Dunkin Donuts?” To ask questions specific to the ASHA Convention, you must start the ASHA-bot by saying, “Alexa, start ASHA-Bot!” Once you are greeted by the Alexa ASHA-bot, you can ask questions about the event. We are still developing our Alexa ASHA-bot, so you will need to use the phrasing shown here for your questions and keep your questions simple and direct. Signs near the Alexa ASHA-bots list some standard phrases and a Student Volunteer will hover nearby to provide friendly guidance if needed. You can also get help by saying “Help!” after the ASHA-bot has been activated. Once you are done, close the ASHA-bot by saying, “Thanks,” “Thank you,” or “Cancel.” We’re still piloting the Alexa ASHA-bot, so please be patient, but have some fun! Be sure to let us know if you run into any problems or have ideas on how we can improve our ASHA-bot. You can ask general questions about the ASHA Convention: • “How many ASHA CEUs (or PDHs) can I earn at the ASHA Convention?” • “Where can I pick up my boxed lunch?” • “Where is Lost and Found?” You can ask about sessions and authors: • “Where (or when) is session 3219?” • “Where is the next Telepractice (topic) session? • “Find session about Dysphagia (subject).” • “Which sessions are presented by Barbara Moore?” You can ask about exhibits and products: • “Where is booth (or exhibit) Dynamic Resources?” • “Who is at booth (or exhibit) 614?” • “Which exhibitor has information (or materials) on Early Intervention (subject)?”