4 • 2018 ASHA CONVENTION EXHIBIT GUIDE DISTRIBUTORS ORAL MOTOR EXAMS | ARTICULATION | FEEDING THERAPY Throat Scope® illuminated tongue depressor and retraction tool lights up inside the oral cavity. Throat Scope® provides one handed control during oral mechanism exams, articulation and feeding therapy. Throat Scope® is used with children and adults, and those with sensory/special needs, including stroke survivors. NEW SLP TOOL L I G H T U P T H E O R A L C A V I T Y VIDA5962 Throat Scope® - Easy - Fast - Accurate ASHA SPECIAL GREAT DEAL! 50 Box Depressors PLUS Free Light Handle COST $12 + SHIPPING CODE: ASHA18 *First 100 customers ORDER ONLINE NOW* www.throatscope.com Mark your calendar! At the ASHAStore, Booth 748! PRESENTER PRESENTER JESSICA ZITTER Thursday, November 15th 12:45–1:45pm PRESENTER DREW DUDLEY Friday, November 16th 12:00–1:00pm PRESENTER JESSICA ZITTER