EXHIBITOR PROFILES • 105 Speechagain, Inc. 574 www.speechagain.com 433 Broadway New York, NY 10013 929-448-6452 Speechagain is a personalized therapy software for people who stutter. With automatic pattern recognition and detection of gentle onsets for more detailed feedback, it is the first therapy to automate stuttering treatment. It is an affordable, flexible solution to be accessed anywhere and anytime. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Apps/Software • Fluency/Stuttering • Schools: Speech-Language Pathology • Speech/Language/Swallowing Treatments SpeechPathology.com 931 www.speechpathology.com 337 Garden Oaks Boulevard, ECM #79931 Houston, TX 77018 800-242-5183 SpeechPathology.com is an ASHA approved CE provider of quality, online continuing education, professional development and career resources. Members enjoy unlimited access to 350+ courses in over 25 topic areas. Advance your clinical skills and earn ASHA CEUs for one low annual price. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Continuing Education • Education/Resources SpeechTherapyPD.com 669 www.speechtherapypd.com 13203 SE 172nd, Suite 166, #310 Clackamas, OR 97015 503-320-7657 SpeechTherapyPD.com is SLP owned and operated. As an ASHA approved CE provider we focus on practical, engaging and evidence-based courses. We provide you with weekly live courses, for-credit podcasts, CE Cruises, and an on-demand library for $89/year. Selecting your CE provider has never been easier. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Articulation/Phonology • Continuing Education • Education/Resources • Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders • Speech/Language/Swallowing Treatments SpeechVive 564 www.speechvive.com 603 Wexford Drive Lafayette, IN 47905 612-723-7200 SpeechVive is a wearable device that addresses the speech needs related to Parkinson’s Disease. Based on research out of Purdue University, it leverages the natural response to increase sound pressure level in background noise. SpeechVive automatically increases speech volume for people with Parkinson’s Disease. PRODUCT CATEGORIES: • Adults • Apraxia/Dysarthria/Motor Speech • Geriatrics • Speech/Language/Swallowing Treatments • Voice Disorders CHAMPION SPONSOR