126 • 2018 ASHA CONVENTION EXHIBIT GUIDE ASHA Career Portal We’re Here to Get You There ASHA Career Portal Lounge CC, Exhibit Hall A-B1, Booth CF689 Come join us to take your career to the next level! Stop by the ASHA Career Portal Lounge at the Career Fair and take a mini-workshop led by Boston career coach Jackie Ross. She’ll open a dialogue with you and your colleagues so that you walk away with advice and tips on how to: • design a career path that’s right for you; • network; • build confidence; and • work smarter and live better. Each mini-workshop lasts about 15–20 minutes and is more of a conversation than a lecture, in a friendly environment where you’ll be able to meet other colleagues facing similar challenges in their lives. Plus, after each workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a drawing for an Amazon Dot. We also have 100 time slots available for a one-on-one resume review. Be sure to take your newfound confidence, strategies, and revised resume to meet with an employer at the Career Fair. Mini-Workshop Descriptions Resume Review (15 minutes) Revamp your resume! This is a one-on-one opportunity for you to get specific feedback and advice on how to improve your resume. Each resume review will last approximately 15 minutes. There are only 100 slots available so come by Booth CF689 to sign up. If you don’t get one of the Resume Review slots in the Career Portal Lounge, be sure to take advantage of the Resume Star Program. Networking Tips for People Who Hate Networking (20 minutes) Do you dread the notion of going to a networking event? Would you rather binge on a marathon run of a TV series rather than go out networking? This dynamic workshop will bolster your attitude and perspective about networking by adjusting your “networking mindset.” In addition, it will provide you with 3 practical tips to maximize your networking tool belt. Strategies to Work Smarter and Live Better (20 minutes) Does the concept of work/life balance seem unattainable or impossible? You don’t have to block out 30 minutes to rejuvenate and recharge yourself during the work day. This interactive workshop will demonstrate 3 strategies that you can incorporate throughout your work day to help you feel energized, focused, and on your game in the workplace. Self-Empowerment Strategies to Build Your Confidence in the Workplace (20 minutes) What does it take to dramatically impact your confidence each day? How do you create a work environment where everyone else feels that spirit and energy, too? This workshop will cover 3 strategies that will allow you to bring your best self to the workplace. We will cover tips on how to use your physiology and body language to convey an assured persona. RESUME REVIEW! MINI-WORKSHOPS! PRIZE DRAWINGS!