Imagine More November 21-23 Orlando, FL

  • Message from the Convention Co-Chairs

  • Message from Laurie Sterling, Convention Co-Chair for Speech-Language Pathology and Jessica Sullivan, Convention Co-Chair for Audiology

    Imagine More

    The upcoming 2019 ASHA Convention in Orlando, Florida, will be an incredible experience for clinicians, scientists, and scholars. That's right—we are back in "The City Beautiful," November 21–23, 2019! The Convention Program Committee (CPC) has already begun executing an innovative, imaginative, and inspiring program. We believe that the 2019 ASHA Convention will invigorate the Association, the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology, and the lives of the clients and students we serve.

    Imagination is the catalyst of infinite possibilities. For 2019, we encourage everyone to embrace our exciting theme: "Imagine More." As you review the 31 topic areas for this year's Convention, consider how you can imagine more as it relates to your professional life and how you might contribute to this year's program by submitting a proposal to present that speaks to imagination. We encourage all of you to imagine more, not only for current practices in the professions, but also for the future. Imagine if there was a way to use apps to make the supervision of students more effective. What about imagining new technology that could change the lives of children with hearing loss? Perhaps, "Imagine More" means expanding your network and knowledge by joining a Special Interest Group or giving back to the professions by volunteering for a leadership position. "Imagine More" is not just a theme but also a mindset of how we can approach not only our current practices but also the future of our professions. The possibilities are endless.

    With imaginative programming and exhibits, this year's Convention will certainly inspire. In response to your feedback, and in keeping with our theme, we have made some changes for the 2019 ASHA Convention. Here are some highlights:

    • We are excited about both the revamped and new topics we have added to programming—topics such as "Acquired Cognitive Communication Disorders," "Audiological Implantable Devices," "Supervision and Precepting," and "Issues in Head and Neck Cancer."
    • We are inspired by the overwhelmingly positive response to the Master Classes, so they will again be offered. These advanced-practice sessions provide an intensive focus on knowledge across both professions. Master Classes will be organized by the CPC and feature invited presenters.
    • We will be offering a "Challenge Series," which will be a combination of select Master Classes and Hands-On Sessions, both featuring invited presenters.

    The CPC invites you to share how you "Imagine More" in your professional practice or your daily life by submitting proposals during the 2019 Call for Papers. We are especially looking for submissions on imaginative and innovative service delivery options, as well as proposals that include collaboration with others outside our profession to improve education, research, and practice, illustrating great things when we imagine more for our professions. Research continues to be infused into each topic area, further promoting imaginative and innovative studies that guide clinical training and practice, and vice versa. Please review all of the topic descriptions carefully—whether in the categories of Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, or General Interest—to determine the best fit for your submission. 

    The 2019 topic chairs and their committees are working diligently to develop invited sessions covering the breadth and depth of attendees' interests, work settings, and experiences. The ASHA Convention will continue to feature a variety of session formats, including Clinical and Research Technical Sessions, Master Classes, Oral Seminars, Short Courses, and Poster Presentations.

    Our goal is to design an education program that piques the imagination, inspires, and informs clinicians, scientists, and scholars in the discipline of communication disorders. Leave room in your Convention schedule for the social and networking activities, too, including the Opening General Session, Awards Ceremony, Open Houses, and the Closing Party—we're working on some inventive ideas for these events, too.

    We look forward to planning a marvelous ASHA Convention in Orlando!

    Laurie Sterling, MS, CCC-SLP

    Jessica Sullivan, PhD