Revolutionary Learning. Evolutionary Practice. November 15-17 Boston, MA

  • Message from the Convention Co-Chairs

  • Message from Melissa Jakubowitz, Convention Co-Chair for Speech-Language Pathology and Sharon Sandridge, Convention Co-Chair for Audiology

    Revolutionary Learning, Evolutionary Practice

    Sharon Sandridge Melissa Jakubowitz

    Boston is the home of baked beans; Cheers—where everyone knows your name!; the American Revolution and, of course, the 2018 ASHA Convention, which will take place November 15–17 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. What better city to shake up the status quo than Boston? Come along and explore what Revolutionary Learning, Evolutionary Practice means to us!

    ASHA members, you have spoken and the Convention Program Committee has listened! This year, we are focusing on all levels of experience. For early career professionals, we are developing special programming to promote practicing at the top of our license. For mid-to-late career professionals, we are building a program of advanced courses that will challenge even the seasoned professional utilizing different presentation formats and alternative learning opportunities.   

    The ASHA Convention provides a time for us to collectively view our professions from the perspective of the past, the present and the future, which is particularly meaningful as we move toward ASHA’s 100th anniversary in 2025. We are seeking proposals for presentations that address the founding principles of our discipline—concepts, theories, evaluation and/or practical applications that serve as the basis of what we do; our foundational courses. We are also seeking proposals that address how our professions have changed or topics that will change how we practice or teach—we refer to these sessions as evolutionary. In addition, we are seeking proposals that offer new or innovative concepts, theories, or applications that may result in turning our professions upside down; our revolutionary topics.

    ASHA 2018 will showcase some new and different learning opportunities. In addition to the Oral Seminars, Technical Clinical and Technical Research Sessions, Poster Sessions and Short Courses all traditionally offered at the ASHA Convention, we will be exploring some new “revolutionary” learning formats:

    1. Virtual Research Labs! Boston is a hub for research in our professions so we’re offering a unique way to take advantage of this opportunity. The audience will sit at the Convention Center while listening to a presentation from a member of a research lab, then watch an actual experiment being conducted via real-time video streaming from the presenter’s research lab.
    2. e-Poster Sessions! Try out this new hybrid session type that combines the informality of a poster with the concise delivery of information of a Technical Session through technology. Selection for an e-Poster will be made by the topic committees from poster proposals and will highlight revolutionary or evolutionary projects or practices in our professions. To be considered for this opportunity, make sure to indicate that you are interested in presenting an e-Poster on your proposal submission.
    3. Hands-on Labs! What better way to learn than with your hands? Limited sessions will be held that promote a “how-to” approach to engage you in learning through an interactive, hands-on format. For example, watch Telepractice in action, advance your skills in working with FM systems in the schools, or compare different bone conduction hearing devices, and more! 
    4. Master Classes! Challenge your thinking and attend a Master Class organized by the Convention Chairs featuring speakers specially invited to present. These sessions are designed to push us outside our comfort zone and address, discuss and debate—at the most advanced level—the impact or outcome of the topic. Are assistants an answer to increasing access without compromising care? What are the implications of the growing number of third-party administrators for hearing aid practices? Master Classes will delve into challenging topics and explore innovative ideas such as these for the most seasoned professionals.  

    We have expanded and added a few new topic areas that we are especially excited about! For all proposals related to the care of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing, whether it is audiologic diagnostic testing, or speech and language intervention, or school based management, we have created a new topic called: Hearing, Language, and Speech for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Birth to School Transition, chaired by Donald Goldberg. For all proposals related to patient-provider communication and promotion of health literacy, a topic that should be on our minds whenever we create written materials or promote our specialties, we created the topic Health Literacy and Communication, chaired by Jessica Rossi-Katz. To showcase cutting-edge, not-quite-ready-for-prime-time, innovative-but-possibly-controversial topics we created the Innovations, Debates, and Hot Topics in the Discipline, chaired by Judy Montgomery and Patricia Dorn. Also changed is the Telepractice topic area, which is now Telepractice and Technology, and chaired by Lesley Edwards-Gaither and Deborah Carlson to showcase how technology works in our discipline. We are very excited about seeing what proposal submissions we receive that may evolve or revolutionize our discipline!  

    Mark your calendar to participate in revolutionary learning and celebrate how our professions are evolving. Remember, the ASHA Convention program is only as good as the presentations. You can make a difference—YOU can have an impact. We welcome proposals that are foundational (core understanding), evolutionary (transformative) and/or revolutionary (could change the way we practice!). Be a part of a high-quality clinical, scientific and innovative program at the 2018 ASHA Convention by submitting a proposal to present! History awaits you in Boston!

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    Melissa Jakubowitz, CCC-SLP

    Sharon Sandridge, CCC-A